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Saturday Blog Rodeo 01/15/2011

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 1/15/2011

Well, I somehow managed to get ahead of the game this week! Once again, as is my habit, I've roamed the ephemeral nether regions of the hunting and outdoorsmen's internet. And as you might imagine, I've picked out posts that I especially enjoyed this past week from all of blogs I follow, and some that I found.

(Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; it spreads the word, and it's always nice to give a little link love to your fellow bloggers!)

Look, I've asked y'all to send me a link you would like me to highlight, point me in the direction of a blog I don't know about,  and not a single one of you has ever taken me up on that offer!

Let's see if we might change that this week eh?

First up is an old friend that I haven't visited in quite some time. As you know I once had a beloved Dachhund named Oscar who was deliberately run over by a POS in a red Jeep. My blogging friends John and Jolanta Jeanneny breed and use wirehaired dachshunds for hunting and tracking wounded big game in Berne, NY. Their blog Born to Track News and their sister blog Born to Track Puppies are favorites of mine. Whenever I want to smile, I meander my way there and look at the puppies playing and learning to track.  When I am finally done with Afghanistan, (Or it's done with me...) I am getting me one of those little fellows!

As I have mentioned a few times, Lake Ueilin near my home in Saratsota is home to some monster carp. Little did I know that they are pursued by flyfishermen! Carp on the Fly covers the exciting sport and art of enticeing Asiatic carp to take a fly. Not only does John tackle them on the fly, but so does McTage at FlyCarpin: "...Enter the most ultra aggresive carp feeding pattern. "Seek and Destroy". And yes Metallica should be ringing through your skull right now." I had no idea... Honest.

Here is one of SBW's compatriots! Rob Appleby is an accomplished saltwater fisherman who specializes in using a Kayak. His blog Saltwater Kayak Fisherman, is full of great reviews, tutorials, and opinion pieces, in addition to his fishing exploits. He has several videos that I am sure would be loads of fun and educational. Unfortunately I can't get them through the MilNet filters! But that's not a problem, as his writing more than makes up for it. Two posts have caught my I right from the get go: Fishfinders: Are They Worth It? and Shimano Charter Special 1000 Overhaul. When Rob blogs, it's worth reading. If you have ever considered kayak fishing I would suggest, no make that, insist that you check out Saltwater Kayak Fisherman.

Ian, over at the Wild Life, continues to entertain with thoughts of fratricde. It seems that Mr Hunting Expert's Dad has, shall we say, much better success at taking the wily Whitetail than does his progeny. Before that, Ian contemplated bow fishing. Let's just say that skewered sweet breads takes on a whole new meaning...

As I have mentioned I have taken a keen interest in the early American time period of the 18th Century. I have a big Rasch Outdoor Chronicles surprise for you all, but it may take me some time to put it all together, so be prepared! In the meantime I frequently stop by at Contemporary Makers. "When Robert Weil started collecting images for the Contemporary Makers book in 1973 the challenge to record contemporary gun work was daunting. Gathering material was difficult and time consuming. Few makers thought that there was any value in published documentation of their work. Electronic publishing has changed all that." CM chronicles the art of early Americana, not only in the gun making and accoutrements field but in all forms from textiles to woodworking. Well worth the time spent looking it over; it also gives you great project ideas!

Hunt Like You're Hungry
Did you know that the indescribably cute and irrepressable HLYH is freaked out by catfish and has really tiny feet and hands? And then come to find out she's Eskimo?  Totally out of left field, I know, but I think it deserves a post of its own. "Things that Freak Me Out or are Freaky About Me!" She hasn't written it yet, but I'm looking forward to reading it...

After losing the front sight on his Wild ED calls S&W/Walther and receives great customer service :"What a pleasant surprise from the usual customer service I have received here lately from some other companies. I can assure you my future firearm purchases will include S&W or Walther if they are available in the firearm I am needing" Read about the experience at Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors: Customer Service Alive and Well at Smith & Wesson /Walther USA

Chupacabra, The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
One of my long time bloging compadres, Ben G. Outdoors, has a new blog Abnormal Outdoors.  AO will Provide the outdoor community with news of the Strange, Weird, and Odd things that happen, live, or conspire in the Outdoors. If you have anything to share, please forward it to Ben; there's always something odd or peculiar going on somewhere, and Abnormal Outdoors will be a great spot to get your fill of the wierd, or my garage, which ever is closer!

Well that wraps it up for this edition of The Saturday Blog Rodeo. I look forward to another week of great reading and writng from y'all!

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
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The Hunt Continues...

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Ian Nance said...

Dad shoots at...not through...deer. Important detail. Frustrating.

Here's a link for ya!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Albert, It seems I am playing catchup lately with other post and I'm always a dollar short and a day late.

Here is one blogger that I particularly like.

"Gorges grouse'

Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

McTage said...

Glad you like the blog! When you get back be sure and hit that lake with a fly-rod - It may take some work, especially if they are grass carp, but you wont regret it.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

We are honored to be at the top of your post. Thank you!
Be safe.

Hunt Like You're Hungry said...


Okay let's quell at least one rumor- I'm not an Eskimo. (gasp!) I wish I was because that means I'd be living in Alaska or some other remote location. It must have been the fur hat that tipped you off.. it's mighty amazing.

"Things that Freak me out or are freaky about me" will be written as soon as I have a sit-down chat with DU. As he's the one that knows me best, he can tell me how freaky I am.



Josh said...

Some great sites to check out, Albert!

Speaking of which, I have a question:
What happened to Siegeworks Creations? I'm interested in looking at their bows.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks everyone for the great links and comments!

Ian: TSR is a great resource!
Rick: I'll be spotlighting George's blog soon.
McTage: I'll be sure to try!
Miss Jolanta: I'm looking forward to bringing a Dachshund back into the family! I'll let you know when we are ready.
HLYH: Remember, I blush easily...
Josh: I have their number at home. I may have the Mrs give them a call.

Thanks again everyone for commenting and stopping by!

Best Regards,
Albert Rasch In Afghanistan™
Albert Scouts for Hog!

Rory @ methow gear testing said...

Hey great blog. I can only hope maybe one day one of my blogs makes it on the blog rodeo.

Albert A Rasch said...


You're on for next week!


Josh said...

Speaking of period costumes, you should really check out a couple of friends' blogs:

ASpinnerWeaver, who makes stuff for rondys (you'd probably want to put her in a blog rodeo);

Erratic Sewer and Crafter, who designs some really nice period costumes, although not something I'd see you wearing.

I don't make any money off these folks, so this isn't a pitch. They are just fine craftspeople.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks Josh!

Consider it done.