Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Albert Rasch Goes to the Shot Show!

© 2009 Albert A Rasch

It's Late and I'm getting tired.

I still haven't ironed my shirts and trousers!
My dog tags and doo rag are clean and ready.
The Jeep is packed and my food and drinks are in the fridge.
I have an assortment of cigars for the fellows.
Two pairs of boots, three pair of socks are ready.
I'm bringing a fishing rod just in case.

I am ready for the Shot Show!

Tomorrow, I'll be hitting the Media Day at the Range first. That should be an all day affair of new firearms and equipment introductions. I don't even know for sure what will be going on as this is my first time. But I have read about it over the years and I'll have plenty to talk about I am sure!

Then it's dinner at Del Frisco's Steak and Lobster with Michael Riddle of Native Hunt, Phillip Loughlin of The Hog Blog, Jesse James of Jesse's Hunting and Outdoors. Much to our disappointment, Holly Heyser of Norcal Cazadora will not be able to attend due to an inflamed and then excised appendix. I'm especially bummed as Holly is my mentor in my writing schenanigans and I respect and admire her very much. She and Kristine at Outdoor Bloggers Summit pretty much keep me on the straight and narrow! I would have pushed her wheelchair around if she had decided to attend!

I've contacted a few other bloggers that I thought might attend too. We will see if any can make it.

Thursday thru Sunday are on the show floor and I'll be walking the lugs off my boots looking at everything and talking to everyone!

I'll be posting daily if I can. The media area has computers available, so with luck I'll be able to get in a few posts!

If anyone would like me to look into anything, get them literature, or what have you, let me know with a comment and I'll try to get it for you.

Good Night!

Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...


NorCal Cazadora said...

Just do me a favor Albert and ask everyone, "What do you have for women?" And count the number of times they say, "Nothing." It's a fun exercise.

Sorry I'm missing out! Hope we can get you to Vegas for next year's show - I'd better not miss that one...

Albert A Rasch said...


Wish you were here! Eight out of eight on the skeet range! Misses that is... The young lady who was helping was very helpful and nice.

I'll keep an eye out on stuff for you. Got with Phillip too.

Having way too much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your reports. Shot Show is huge and fun. Can't wait to hear what's new.