Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shot Show Review: Report #1

Guys and Gals!!!

Having a great time! Yesterday was Media Day at the Range. Lots of new stuff. Tactical is really big, there is even a sec-ops section where the media can't (or shouldn't) go!

Firearms shot; I'll give details later:

Ruger #1 in their new proprietary .30 cal. More to follow.
Ruger Alaskan in 416 Ruger; Sweet as honey!
Steyr AUG
Desert Arms 5 inch 500 yard groups!!!

and a couple more I don't remember right now.

The convention center is huge! It is well over nine miles of aisles. I'll be wearing out these boots before it's all over! There are even a couple of log cabins in the hall! And OTIS has a three level polished steel scaffold system up! It's awesome.

I believe that there are over 1800 vendors displaying items, from frilly girly stuff to Dillon Mini-Guns! I found 40mm grenade launchers and marshmellow popguns.

I'll be a little more detailed next time I get on!



GoGo said...

Range RockKommando,
Sounds like you are having a great time. Make sure to take pics of the event for the Blog. Also, what's new in foreign Personal Defense Weapons, Handguns and Battle Rifles? Where does the industry stand in next generation military body armor? Has the depth-perception problem been fixed with the latest NVG's [MilSpec.]? Big shout out to the boys over @ Cabelas!


Albert A Rasch said...

Yo Smurf!

Got tackled by specops dude when I entered a restricted area. Thank goodness they recognised my name. When they heard I was the infamous "Range" compatriot and cohort of the as famous GoGo, they immediately picked me up, brushed me off, and handed me the latest offering from Sig. BTW they send their regards!