Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shot Show Review: Report # II

Hey Everyone!

Well its about 13:30 hrs and I have only made it around the perimeter of the Shot Show. That means I have not even entered the Show floor yet today, just the periphery!

It's phenomenal! Some of these booths must cost half a king's ransom to put together. As I mentioned briefly yesterday, the Otis Technology display is a multi level, polished steel, scaffold system.

The folks at Otis are all very friendly, and quite a few women, sportswomen I might add, are in positions of authority. I didn't meet anyone that didn't know their business inside and out there! As a matter of fact we will be reviewing some of their products in the coming months, so keep an eye out for them.

I've taken lots of pictures, talked to dozens of people, and I have a bag full of swag: Catalogs, press kits, CDs, and stuff.

I spent a good bit of time at the Connecticut Firearms booth and fondled the round framed 16 side by side I've been wanting since they introduced it. It's a gorgeous piece of the gunmaker's craft. They have another firearm that I can't wait to tell you about, it is a shame though that I didn't have an opportunity to fire it!

There are a lot of black rifle vendors plus the accessories for them. They have a whole defense oriented section with all the bells and whistles: supressors, entry tools, body armor, ropes, video, and all manner of esoteria.

Hopefully after my freakin' phone gets charged ( THAT will be a post in and of itself...), I'll hit the first aisle and see what there is to see.

Until later!



GoGo said...

Those trade shows are huge. I've been to several industry related trade shows myself up here in the Northeast and I can tell you from experience that it would take an entire 8hr. day just to walk the entire exhibited floor space without stopping! You need to hit your favorite companies first and work your way down accordingly. For 'meet & greet' this is one of the best venues for sure. Enjoy.


Albert A Rasch said...


You are absolutely right, as it is I have only covered 50%-60% of what there is. I've hoofed down some aisles, skipping the less interesting or non-essential vendors.

I did have a game plan, but I threw that out the window when I saw how massive the show was. I have managed to hit the vendors that I wanted to, and now I'm concentrating on moving through the show, stopping where I have an interest.