Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shot Show Review: Report # III

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I missed yesterday. I actually walked until closing without a break, and at that, I didn't realize what time it was when Phillip called me. It is that engrossing.

I did the tactical/homeland security/law enforcement section for the better part of the day. The upsurge in interest in anything related to the "tactical world" is nothing short of amazing. There are an untold number of vendors that specialize in clothing and body armor. You can't count the number of rig, pack, and sling manufacturers. I won't even get into the weapons systems that are being promoted by both major and minor armament dealers. I have seen, handled, and disassembled more suppressors today, than in my whole life previous to the Shot Show.

Among the new items on display, I had the opportunity to talk to the folks at CMMG out of Fayette, MO. They have a great 22 rimfire conversion for the AR15 platform, and they were gracious enough to give me one. I'll be running it through its paces this coming weeks and you can expect a full report on it. They also manufacture a replacement 30 round magazine with a twisted, ceramic coated wire spring. if it operates as well as it looks, it should be a winner.

On the clothing front, the fellows at Darn Tough gave me some beautiful socks. Made of 100% Merino wool, with a zero friction heel, and made here in the USA, they have a lifetime guarantee and feel real good on my feet. I'll let you all know how they fare!

There's lots more to tell, and I'll be sharing it all with you in the weeks ahead. There are knives, weapons systems, sporting arms, handguns, and accessories that we have to talk about! I'll need a couple of days to decompress, but expect the first installment of "What I Learned at the Shot Show," on Wednesday. In the meantime I'll be walking, talking, and learning more!


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