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Hunting Fallow Deer Pt II: Destinations

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Hunting Fallow Deer Part II: Destinations

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As American hunters continue to expand their hunting horizons and look for new and exciting opportunities, exotics, as non-native game is referred to, are becoming more sought after. Many of them, of course, are still available in their original ranges, and are as accessible, if not more so than ever before.

New Zealand is quickly becoming the go-to place for hunting Fallow deer. Introduced many years ago as an alternative to cattle ranching, New Zealand Fallow deer has furnished the majority of venison available worldwide, and in Europe in particular. In an excellent move toward diversifying their holdings, many forward thinking land and game management experts in New Zealand are managing their wild herds for trophy quality. Hunters bring in money, tourists, and affiliated revenues. Red deer, tahr, and Sika are also benefiting from the change in management principles. Rugged and beautiful, New Zealand is quite the destination in and of itself!

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Hungary is "The" destination on the Continent for trophy world record fallow. World record fallow deer have been taken there repeatedly, with more undoubtedly to come. Some of the government run concessions are in excess of 30,000 acres, made up of swamp, oak forests, and acacia groves. These are beautiful, intensively managed game parks in the European tradition. Along with fallow deer hunting, there are opportunities for Eurasian wild boar, Red deer, Roe deer, and Mouflon sheep.

With the opportunities to travel severely curtailed due to economic conditions, it makes sense to many sportsmen to keep their hard earned money here in the United States, support American businesses, and have a world class experience none-the-less. A carefully managed property like Native Hunt in Monterey California is one such option.

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At Native Hunt for instance, the opportunity for a world class hunting experience is part of the allure. Not only are you availed to the amenities of civilization within reasonable proximity, but the facility itself is appointed for your comfort, convenience, and as a place to forget about civilization!

The property is intensively managed to provide quality cover and forage for both native and non-native game. This is sustainable land use at its best. Natural water availability is considered, along with weather, so that no additional water inputs are required. Likewise native California flora is managed with the intent to maximize both the useful aspects that the plants have and give to the land itself and the animal's well being. Mike has a continued reclamation plan that has, with great success reversed years of imprudent cattle grazing that occurred before his acquisition of the property. Even the game animals themselves were given an initial veterinary check before they were introduction to the Native Hunt properties. Some supplemental feeding is part of the program, simply to help the animals, both native and otherwise, through the lean months. This also saves the land itself from overgrazing as it is still recovering from the former use as a cattle ranch.

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Don't let the fact that it is managed fool you. The game is generations wild, the terrain unforgiving, and the experience wild. Mike Riddle has committed himself to providing not only a hunt, but an experience to all his clients.

If you are considering a trophy hunt for Fallow deer, or perhaps a mixed bag of exotic game, give Native Hunt a call and book a hunt. Mike runs an exceptional operation that caters to his clients needs and desires. Native Hunt is a licensed, state-bonded, and insured hunting guide service. They have been in business since 1990 with ranches located in beautiful Monterey and Fresno counties. A hunt at Native Hunt will be a hunt to remember!

Native Hunt

Contact Native Hunt and Mike Riddle with any questions, or to make reservations:
General Questions: info@nativehunt.com
Hunting Questions: hunts@nativehunt.com
Bookings: 408-837-0733
Or call toll free: 1-888-HUNT-321

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