Monday, September 28, 2009

PeTA at it Again: Naples, Florida

One old man to another, "You think those are CupidFish?"
"Nah," responded the other, "But I sure wish I landed one!"
Overheard at the Naples Dock

I can't post the picture here, but my friends over at PeTA Watch have one of the less, ahem, provocative ones posted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Florida, Naples is pretty much an active seniors city. I mean it really is about 75 percent old folks that are kickin' it "Florida Retiree" style.

On the East coast the city fathers permit topless beach going on account of the Europeans. Here on the West coast not so much.

So imagine the surprise when a half dozen spandex suited, body painted, and topless ladies with shimmering fins, laid themselves out for all to see.

The local matrons were indignant.

"It's indecent exposure!" said one.

"They should be arrested!" complained another.

The older fellows weren't so sure.

"It might be a First Amendment Right issue..." commented one, as others nodded in agreement.

"Yup," chimed in another, "Got wounded during the Battle of the Bulge so they could do this." With that, near unanimous approval was voiced.

Thus, once again, the glory of America and its Bill of Rights is upheld by the wisest among us.

Albert A Rasch
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steveo_uk said...

i really think we should start asking congress to really look into this company and what they do

Paladin said...

Completely unscientific study -

Having worked regularly with large groups of nutty animal rights folks for over a decade, I've discovered that there are two main types of humaniac chicks.

There are really hot ones that will take their clothes off in public to save animals - they can be fun, but their crazy gets on your nerves really quickly.

And then there are ones that kind of look like me. You REALLY don't want them to take their clothes off - EVER - and their crazy tends to get on your nerves even faster.

Editor said...

I'm not against naked women, just prefer them not crazy.
I ned your email address and a new pic of you for the Christmas Card.

GoGo said...

As always I do enjoy reading your Blog. However, you seem to be going off the deep-end here with umteen blog introductions and getting into smackdowns with organizations like PETA. It's your blog and you can write whatever you want...... BUT.... I'm sure your hard-core, base followers [me and a few other boys and girls of like mind] would like you to get back on track with serious blogs on hunting, hunting stories, type of loads used for taking down certain animals. We want to hear your witty, anectodal quips on tracking animals in the woods! Also, let's get cracking on some serious product reviews; handguns, long guns, bows, hunting knives, fishing kit, etc.... Chop-Chop!!!


Albert A Rasch said...


So much to do, and so little time to do it in!

I do have a line up of reviews to do and get posted, You're right I really should get on a few cartridge and load recommendations, and I really need to get out in the field a little more than I have been.

The Saturday Blog Rodeo stands, it's a good way to get folks looking at other people's hard work. I am also making more efforts in helping to inform my readers on hunter's rights, information about hunting, and the people that oppose us. All to many of us have little or no access to hunting properties, and less of an opportunity to be mentored.

But I will get on top of some of the more fun stuff.


Carrie & John said...

Wow, I agree with steveo..Peta is getting ridiculous!