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The Range Reviews: SeigeWorks Creations Takedown Recurve

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SiegeWorks Creations Takedown Recurve:
Pre-Production Sneak Peek!

Dave at SiegeWorks Creation forwarded a few pictures of his latest bow. These are, as I mentioned, pre-production and unfinished. Think of them as proof of concept and the final step before he releases this design to the bowhunting fraternity.

Dave and his crew specialize in short bows and this takedown is no exception! This newest model is a takedown recurve, featuring short limbs designed to minimize finger pinch at normal draw lengths of 28-29 inches. The strung, overall length is only 48 inches.

Dave tells me, "We designed the recurve to help put the power into the early draw, but help the draw feel smooth and light." It's heavy right from the beginning of the draw, but the smooth and consistent effort required allows it to feel lighter than it is.

Paudak and Wenge Riser

As for taking it down for travel, the maximum length of any of the components is 24 inches, allowing you to transport it and the arrows in a case less than 30 inches in length!

Notice the nice smooth curves of the drawn bow. Dave mentioned, "I will be chrono’ing it in the morning but my eye is telling me 180 feet per second on this short bow."

That is darn fast!

Dave surprised me when he told me that he will be offering this bow with two sets of limbs. "We like this, as most people want a hard hitting heavy bow, but also want the easy plinker." Dave added, "MSRP will be set in the low $500’s in this configuration with choice of two color risers standard. High end exotic woods will raise the price slightly – but you know – a person will be able to get out the door with a good, stable short bow at under what most midrange takedowns start at."

Dave has promised me a closer look at this model when he finalizes the design and moves into production. And don't forget, these are made one at a time, to your order, tuned, and finished by Dave and his small cadre.

SiegeWork Creations is open from 10am to 4pm M-F and closed weekends. On the off chance that they can not answer the phone, Dave and Sara do return ALL phone messages left. Call them at 903-285-4347.

Web Store: SiegeWork Archery

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Sigboy said...

Why am I salivating?

Michael Spinelli said...


probably because it looks like it could launch the bowhunting equivalent of a Nike missle!

It sure looks powerful, and very attractive. But I am not understanding why you would want a lighter bow and a heavy bow. I mean I understand that for practice a lighter bow might allow for refinement of form, but are there other reasons?


Anonymous said...


Drawing a 65# bow for practice does make you pretty strong, but it will wear you out. You were pretty observant to note that form is a critical component of shooting well. A 45# bow lets you concentrate on form and accuracy, which will transfer nicely to the 65# to 75#.

That bow does look like a very compact package. The limb geometry appears, from the picture, to be exceptionally well balanced and even throughout the limb. CAD/CAM involved? Or is it all by eye and experience? If it is the latter, I can't wait to see what will come from the bowyer in the future.


Chad Love said...

I like that, Albert, and I'll have to keep that in mind. I've been thinking about a takedown recurve for a while now.
I love my old Damon Howatt Hunter, but it's a bit of a pain to travel with. And 180fps aint bad at all!
Nice looking bow...

Chad Love

Albert A Rasch said...


Uhmmmm, you wouldn't happen to be the BF from Alabama, would you?

Chad, thanks so much for stopping by! Much obliged. Dave makes some nice bows, and at very reasonable prices.

I'll do a full report on it as soon as I finish the one on the Scythian, and he has a takedown he can spare for a week or two.

Best regards,

Gun Slinger said...


I'm looking forward to reading anoter review on the SeigeWork Bows. I link to all your reviews, and the most hit posts have been his bows!

Shoot Straight

SiegeWork Creations said...

Thank you for the nice comments. This little bow is FUN to shoot infact i just got in from deer hunting with her this evening - great night.

This bow was created all by eye - no CAD or any drawing programs, all trial/error to make the final product. We WILL be offering this riser configuration in 48, 52 and 54" We think people will love this bow!

More to come from Albert as he starts his range review soon!!! :)