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Saturday Blog Rodeo 10/3/09

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Blog Rodeo: 10/3/09

Well, here is another Saturday and it is time for another Rodeo!

As usual, I've picked out posts that I especially enjoyed this past week from the hundreds of blogs I follow. Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; always nice to give a little link love to our fellow bloggers!

Wild Ed shares his impressions of not only the Walther P22, but a Kimber .22 conversion mounted on his Springfield. Check them out at Wild Ed's P22 and Kimber 22 I'll tell you what, that P22 is a good looking piece. And the Springfield is beautiful, with its two tone look and ivory grips.

Among the folks I love to argue with is Dukkillr over at The Daily Limit. DK has a good demonstration on breasting out doves. How to Clean a Dove has step by step pictures you can easily understand. Uhmmm, you might notice his sink needs a good scrubbing, but what young fellow's sink doesn't?

Up in Maine The Rabid Outdoorsman has brushed off a few old traps, bought a couple more, and is busy pre positioning some sets for a hopefully fruitful trapping season! "It's been a long time!" he says, but he's very hopeful that skills learned long ago will serve him well in a new season. Find his musings at Trapping.

NorCalCazadora touches on a troubling aspect of becoming a new hunter: Where are the mentors, and where are the opportunities? These Women Want To Hunt. Can You Help? NorCal says, "A woman I met last week had a different story: Her husband and others in her family hunt, and she often goes along. When I asked her, "Do you want to hunt?" she looked at me quizzically for a second, then said brightly, "Yes!" It was as if it was the first time anyone had extended the invitation. She couldn't make it to this weekend's event because of a conflict, but she really wanted to go."

Following NorCal's post and on the same theme, is Henhouse Pottery's Looking Out for the Next Generation of Women Hunters "Little boys were taught to hunt as a rite of passage in families where hunting was a tradition. Girls and women were not included...And I'm not sure when being excluded as women in a "men's sport" turned into not wanting to participate." More musings with important thoughts to ponder.

And if you haven't read it yet, this is the #1 post two months running, believe it or not: SiegeWork Creations American Longbow

Remember to let me know if there is something you want me to highlight for you! And don't forget, leave a little note on folk's blogs and let them know you stop by and appreciate their work.

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Anonymous said...

All good blogs for sure, thanks for the rodeo.

Albert A Rasch said...

I consider it my duty Mr Rick!

And you're very welcome,