Sunday, July 19, 2009

And All He Did Was Give Him the Finger?

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"Mano a Mano" with a Gator

This is what I call a real Man!

When Mr Grounds' terrier was grabbed by a seven foot gator, he did the only thing he could think of:

He went hand to hand with the cold blooded saurian. Or hand to jaw as this case is. Grabbing the slimy SOB by the jaws, he drove his thumbs into the gators eyes, forcing the reptile to release his dog.

Not to be outdone, the gator quick reversed the jaw hold and put Mr.Grounds into a fingerlock! Unfortunately the alligator used his teeth, mindful of his weak up body strength and lack of opposable thumbs. Mr Grounds lost a piece of his index finger and ring finger to the sharp teeth of the gator.

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1 comment:

Bion said...

Seems like youall damnyankees, (that's alright, Albert, it's just one word you don't hear much anymore...)would learn that if it's small enough, and it's near a gator, it's going to get 'et...

Know you've lived here long enough to know that, but the newcomers should know better than to let their dogs and cats out near the water..The state trappers get to kill every gator that threatens or harms anyone, so all they end up doing is eliminating all the gators..then they wonder why their lives are so boring...At least this guy gets a thrill even if it costs him a finger or two...