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Protect Yourself from Plagiarism: Part II

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The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
How to Protect Yourself from Plagiarizers and Plagiarism

So now you have placed in the basic protections against copyright infringement. What do you do if you find your materials on a website like Osterholt's with or without credit?
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I found several great web sites that have all the information you will need to exact swift and terrible vengeance upon the plagiarizer! Ok maybe not swift and terrible, but at least you will get your stuff free and clear of their nefarious grip. PlagiarismToday.com is an excellent site and has step by step procedures to follow. I will cover them briefly . You can also find similar information like How to File a DMCA Complaint as well as What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content.

After you have found out that your material has been taken, contact the Plagiarist. Leave a comment, or look for their e-mail on the site. Tell them you would like your material taken off of their website if that is what you want, or add the credit and links. Most of the time, especially if it's an aggregator, they'll never answer. If after a day or two you haven’t gotten results…

It is time to step it up a notch and send a Cease and Desist order.

This is to advise you that you are using copyrighted and protected material on your website/blog. Your illegal use of my article at
this url is originally from my website/blog called Title of Work at my works url. This is original content and I am the author and copyright holder. Use of copyright protected material without permission is illegal under copyright laws.
Please take one or more of the following actions immediately:
• Re-write the post to include excerpts with a link to the original content.
• Credit the material specifically to me, as author, and my website [be specific].
• Provide compensation for use of my copyright protected material of $????.00 USD paid via [payment method].

• Or remove the plagiarized material immediately.
I expect a response within 3 days of this issue. Thank you for your immediate action on this matter.

Let’s say you have tried to contact the plagiarist or you just can’t find the plagiarist, then pull out the big guns! Contact the Host and make them take care of it. Use a service like whois.net to find out who the host of the domain name is. Then it is just a matter of going to this site, DMCA Contacts and filing the appropriate DMCA paperwork via e-mail.

Here is an example, I emailed Wordpress:

My electronic signature


Email address

I state in good faith that the use of the content I claim to infringe upon my copyright is not authorized by law, or by the copyright owner Albert A Rasch; and (b) under penalty of perjury, that all of the information contained in this Infringement Notice is accurate, and that I am the copyright owner.

That's pretty much it. I recommend that should you run into this problem, you start your offense immediately and without remorse. The website Plagiarism Today is great source of step by step instructions.

All in all, this experience has taught me a great deal about Al Gore's Internet. I've also met a lot of new people and made some new friends. So something good has come of it regardless!

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Sounds like you got your bases covered and did your homework. Thanks for all your hard work.