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Internet Security: The Chinese have Us by the ...

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"When you got them by the nuts, their hearts and minds will follow."
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Ever since I got my first virus from having unprotected surfing with an Internet Explorer connected computer, I've been on the security bandwagon. I run an anti-virus program, trojan hunter, and several malware and spyware catchers. All in an effort to keep the bad guys thwarted in their evil attempts to take control of my computer.

Now it seems that not only do I have to fight the Russian mobsters and porn merchants, but the Chinese as well. Whereas the Russians only want to spam e-mails and make or steal money, the Chinese are out practicing Cyberfare (Computer Warfare) for when they decide to try to smoke us. And believe me, it is going to happen sooner or later.

I for one, do not wish to be even the tiniest cog in their machinations.

I keep a close tab on anything Mr BorePatch has to say. BorePatch has regular security updates that are essential, hints and layman's tech talk on a regular basis, and the occasional post that has nothing to do with security, but is fun to read anyway.

First of all, if you are not running Firefox, you are just helping evil doers that are trying to either milk us dry, or ultimately dominate us. It is a ten minute process to download and install Firefox, and quite frankly inexcusable not to be running it. You might as well do it now, and install it while you read the rest of this.

For those of us that are trying to step it up another notch, Borepatch has written a series of articles on the Linux operating system that is the most secure method for running your computer. It is neat, tidy, efficient, and above all secure. Not only that, but there are applications that are identical to all the offerings from Microsoft (Word, Excell, Publisher, etc,etc,etc.), and they are all free! Not only are they free, but they are in used by many professionals in their fields. Open Office is the best known, and the look and feel is so close to MS Office, that you will barely notice the difference.

The first step of course, is to install a version of Linux. BorePatch wrote a series of posts to help you through the process:

Why Internet Security is a Mess, and Why it Matters to You
Why it is Hard to Secure Windows

And finally, the solution and how to:
Using Linux to Increase your Windows Security

I am in the process of partitioning my hard drives for the installation and will report on it as the process evolves.

If I was you, and I cared about what happens in this Nation, I would follow BorePatch and keep up with his suggestions.
Firefox Install Team
But first, install Firefox. Seriously.
Don't force me to come over and do it myself.


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steveo_uk said...

erm, some of this is not stictly true, i have been programming for the last 20 years and its interesting to see how microsoft gets the usual bashing. The first thing you need is an external firewall. not one of those software ones.There a peace of shit and really are not worth the time or money. The firewall goes between the modem/router and your computer. this will keep out 99% of all nasties

SimplyOutdoors said...

I used Firefox for a number of years, and absolutely love it - including its lack of being spyware prone.

I do agree with Steve, though, that a good firewall or firewall/router combination would go a long way to help keep "nasties" out of any computer.

Dennis A Carroll said...

Great post, Albert.

Have a great day.

Albert A Rasch said...


Thanks for the intell. External firewall...hmmm. I really think we have a national security breach of epic proportions that needs to be plugged. Thanks again.


Borepatch said...

Albert, thanks for the links - and for the idea that led me down the blog hole for a few days.

Your comment that China is big in the hacking scene is well taken. One of the security links on my blog is to The Dark Visitor, who specializes in news from the China cyber front. It's not super technical, but never fails to be interesting.

Steveo_uk makes a good point about a hardware firewall. You should have one, and this is actually a good topic for a post. However, most malware these days comes via the browser, not directly in from the Internet. Your firewall is very effective in stopping inbound attacks, but not good at all at stopping what your browser downloads.

Bion said...

Good point about Firefox...I've been using it for the last year, for the same reasons, including the automatic spell check, and have had no malware get thru, since I have a good anti-spyware, as well.

I might recommend as well, for the most trustworthy and usable downloads, many free and all checked out by some of the best experts in the business...When in doubt, check with them...You need to sign up but can refuse or sign off on any/all their subscriptions...

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks Bion for the great link!