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Outfitter Chronicles: J Scott Croner Part II

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The Outfitters Chronicles an Interview with Scott Croner
And Nebraska Hunting Company: Part II

Folks, hello and good hunting to you, this is Albert A Rasch of the Rasch Outdoor Chronicles. We are back again with J. Scott Croner, Outfitter and owner of Nebraska Hunting Company.

TROC: So how did you get started hunting?

JSC: I started hunting with my dad and grandpa from the time I could walk. I learned all of the little things that keep you safe outdoors and have fun at the same time. Some of my fondest memories are of the discoveries I made when I was just a little kid.

TROC: Like what?

JSC: Albert, you must remember the first set of tracks you ever found, or the hawk’s feather, maybe you found a bone or antler! Those are priceless experiences and set the stage for both of our love for the outdoors.

TROC: You are absolutely right Scott. I remember a cat's paw print that I cast, and a rabbit skull that I happened to dig up. So what made you start an outfitting and guiding service?

JSC: Having been in the outdoor merchandise field, and as I became more adept at using the internet, I felt that there was a need for an organization to help guides and outfitters market themselves. I went and founded the Nebraska Outfitters and Guides Association (NEOGA) and built it up to almost fifty members. For reasons that aren’t important to discuss, they decided that they did NOT need an executive director. Feel free to look them up; you can decide how well they are doing on their own without any help from me. By the way, I bear no animosity to any of the members, none.

TROC: Really…

JSC: I had already decided that I wanted to be in the outdoor industry. Since I had been in Nebraska all of my life and was a fairly successful hunter I thought that taking people out and getting paid for it would be fun and easy. Ahhh…OOPS! It has been a lot of fun, but never guaranteed or easy.

TROC: I bet it was rough going at first. How did you manage?

JSC: Albert I want you and your readers to know that I have succeeded in this business by offering excellent service at a fair price and by having an above average success rate. Sometimes I feel like one of those financial services ads that say “Past performance is no guarantee of future profits…” But the truth is that I work harder during the off season so my clients have a good season. They pay hard earned money to have what may be a once in a lifetime hunt, I don’t want to be the one to disappoint them.

TROC: Now looking at you website NebraskaHunting.Net, you seem to be having quite a bit of success. Tell us about some of highlights. Actually, what I really want to know, is it true that you got 87 turkeys in 28 days? I mean it seems unbelievable and quite frankly, it sounds biblical!

JSC: We had more clients than usual due to some larger parties, but we put them in great spots that I personally scouted throughout the year. We harvested 87 toms in 28 days with 40 clients and we all thought that was one for the record books. And I’m not kidding Albert, the weather has been particularly good this spring and summer, and I think next year, (the 2010 spring season), will be even better.

TROC: How about the melanistic Merriam’s turkey; that must have been a once in a lifetime trophy for the lucky hunter!

JSC: Well you would think shooting a rare bird one year would just be luck, and I would agree, especially since it was only the that hunter’s second bird. This year it happened again with Todd Ried, and we already know where a couple of more melanistic Merriam’s are hiding out. The year round scouting really pays off for the client.

TROC: I see you guide for deer, pheasant, and snow geese also.

JSC: We have really concentrated on turkey, deer, pheasant, and snow geese. The deer have been a real highlight for us. We have been outfitting for whitetail deer for five years now, and each year we have shot a few big deer in the 140 to 175 inch range. And you can’t appreciate Snow Goose hunting without actually experiencing it. It is indescribable!

TROC: Merriam’s Turkey, pheasant, duck, snow geese, and whitetail what a variety! What is your favorite?

JSC: It is really hard to pick one favorite, but you know, a gobbling, strutting tom is hard to beat. They all make you heart pound deep in your chest.

TROC: That’s fantastic. You are very fortunate to live in such a game rich part of the nation, and to be able to put together hunts for folks from all over.

JSC: Well I have to tell you that I could not do it without the great clients I have had the opportunity to guide. They are the ones that allow me to watch them do something they love to do, and that is typically reserved for family, friends and hunting buddies. I also get to take all of the photos and relive the memories that we all shared. I have had more than my fair share of outdoor celebrity hunters too, but it's the guys like you and I, guys that work for a living, that I appreciate the most.

TROC: That must be awesome. Let's shift gears a little. Tell me about your tri-athlete hobby.

JSC: Yes, I have been a Triathlete for over 30 years. The swimming and the biking are not much help for the hunting season, but the running really pays off big. I think it is always an advantage to be in a little better shape than your clients. I don’t think you need to run to be in the right place all of the time but getting there in a hurry can sure keep the animals guessing.

TROC: Did I mention I swim like a stone? Throw a lead weight in the water and it’s a better than 50% chance that I’ll beat it to the bottom.

JSC: Uhh, do you want me to comment on that?

TROC: No. Not really…

TROC: Now Scott, how can someone get in touch with you? Are you booked solid already for the year, or do you have some slots available for this coming season.

JSC: Albert, folks that are interested in seeing what packages I have available can go to our website Nebraska Hunting Company, and check out our Hunting Packages . I also have downloadable PDF brochures for the spring snow goose, turkey, and deer hunts. When they want to get in touch with me they can email me at or call me at 402-304-1192.

TROC: Scott I want to thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule and talking with us.

JSC: Albert, it was my pleasure!

I want to thank Scott Croner of Nebraska Hunting Company for joining me here at TROC and telling us a little about himself and his company.

Folks, thanks again for stopping by at TROC. I hope you have enjoyed this new segment, we are definitely going to start to do some new things; who knows maybe some podcasts are in order, or videos too.

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch

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Anonymous said...

This was an awesome interview. It is good that we have posts like this. Not only does it help us as bloggers but, most importantly it could direct more business to the outfitter.

Nice Job Albert!

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks Rick,

As we start to expand our horizons from the amateur blogger to the more seasoned pro, we are going to have to take on more serious subjects and approach them with an eye towards helping our fellow outdoorsmen.

This is can be the subject of a great post and maybe something to think on more deeply.

Thanks for the high fives!