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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Attention Bloggers: Send Me Your Links!

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So I'm mulling around a couple of ideas and this one came to the surface.$g&m f9bd 45kd q!?5.
I need as many of you to send me a link to one of your posts that you would like to see passed around. It could be your best, most popular, least popular that really deserves a second viewing, which ever post you want sent around.

I'll put it all together and post it with all the links. Then I'll e-mail it to the next person on the list who will then add a new link to the bottom and post it on their blog. Then they will pass it on to the next blogger who will do likewise and so on. When we get to thirty links or so, we will take one off the top and add a new one to the bottom.

I think that will work! I would like to start linking more to each other and get people noticed!

Best to all!


Rick Kratzke said...

Here is a link to get you started.

Dennis A Carroll said...


Thanks, Albert! Great idea.

One of my oldies but goodies:

Albert A Rasch said...

Keep em coming!


Wild Ed said...

Albert here are a few of mine I am proud of. Thanks, Ed

Gabe Davis said...

Its my favorite...I don't know about anyone else.
your pal the Envirocapitalist

Nebraska Hunting Company said...

That's a great idea and helps get bloggers noticed. Put me on the list for later on I really don't have any thing to share just yet!

JS Croner
Merriam’s Turkey Hunting FAQ Part I
Merriam’s Turkey Hunting FAQ Part II

BlackRabbit said...

Great idea Albert

Here's 2 posts (Part 1 and 2) of my knifemaking process

HuntsLikeAGirl said...

This is a great idea.

I just started blogging, so I don't have much go choose from yet. Here are a few posts that I'm proud of so far:

Albert A Rasch said...


Just keep on posting em!


RKL said...

Hi Albert,

I like the idea, If you need a "change up" outdoor post how about this one: