Monday, July 20, 2009

Florida Felons Report: Christopher A. Eddy-Captured

I wasn't on top of this as I was out of town.

"Officer Vann Streety, a 10-year FWC veteran, was shot near the intersection of Satellite Boulevard and State Road 520 in Brevard County.

After Streety stopped Christopher A. Eddy (DOB 05/13/86), of 1214 Applecreek Lane in Rockledge, the officer attempted to arrest Eddy on warrants issued from Brevard County for multiple traffic violations. A struggle ensued during which Streety was shot many times.

Though Streety was wearing a bulletproof vest, he sustained gunshot wounds to his limbs and torso. Streety's injuries are not life threatening."
FWC Release

"Shooting suspect Eddy pleads not guilty.

Christopher A. Eddy offered no details that might explain why he allegedly shot a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer following a traffic stop."

Offers no details? Could it be that he is a worthless piece of human refuse that needs to be disposed of? I mean really, how much contemplation does it really need to answer the question to any reasonable person's satisfaction?

Randolph Hearst would be proud of me...


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native said...

A guardian angel surely was with Officer Streety during that terrible event Albert.
Cause as you well know, the arms and legs contain 4 major arteries!

I believe Mr. Hearst would be very proud of your use of his phrases indeed!