Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feral Hogs Invading the Great Lakes

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Snowbirds Get Their Comeuppance!

Ummm! This is yummy!

It seems that the South is returning the favor. Instead of sending all the snowbirds back, it appears that wild hogs are taking their place on their way back to the Great Lakes regions.

"In Michigan alone there were 200 sightings of these animals in more than 60 counties as of late 2008. "
Great Lakes Echo

I found the article during my nocturnal wanderings last night:
Big pigs, big problem: Feral swine spread to Great Lakes region

I would suggest that they institute a shoot on sight policy to avoid the problem of having them overrunning their lands. In a few short years, they could be as common as they are here!

Uhmm, I mean the hogs not the Snowbirds...

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Michigan, in almost all of our counties has a shoot on site policy for these beasts; they're is no real law written yet (that is in the works), but basically there is a gentleman's agreement between the DNR and the prosecutors that no one who shoots a wild hog - as long as they have any license i.e small game, deer, whatever - will be prosecuted.

Unfortunately I haven't seen one yet, although there have been a few confirmed killed in my county. I don't want them to spread anymore than the next guy, but I wouldn't mind putting some pork in the freezer.

Caleb Pearce said...

Here in Wisconsin we have a shoot on policy that if one is spotted and you have a license or on your own property you are strongly encouraged to shoot it.