Friday, December 18, 2009

Greetings from Afghanistan!

Dear Friends!

I finally got access to the Internet! damned authorities don't want soldiers blogging so the whole Milnet prohibits Blogger and all the other blogging sites. Bunch of bull---- if you ask me.

I've got lots to tell y'all, but most importantly is that I am fine, fit, and hale. No worries or problems, but the truth is I've missed blogging and every one of you too! I've been able to touch base with a couple of you, but the net is rather difficult to access here.

I'll start plugging in stuff again as soon as I can get my notes organized.

A couple of quick notes:
Afghanistan is a dirty, dusty place.
The roads are awful.
The people are nice. To your face.
Don't ever turn your back on them.
The Afghan people can barter like nobodies business.
Kids are kids no matter where they come from.
Always, always, check your oil, carry a spare, make sure your jack, wrench, and any other tools are in your vehicle before you leave.
The Bagram to Kabul run is pretty safe; at 70 mph all you need to worry about is stray goats.
The Kandahar to Kabul run though, is different story; bring spare underwear and class VIII.
A 45 in its holster is about useless. God gave you two hands, use one.

Plenty more to follow! I don't know how often I will be able to post, but it should be pretty frequent.

Best Regards,