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Saturday Blog Rodeo 02/12/2011

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 02/12/2011

Welcome to the latest installment of the now, not only infamous, but de rigueur for the erudite and in the know crowd of the Chronicles'Saturday Blog Rodeo! As you all are amply aware, I plumb the depth and breadth of the blogosphere searcing for and commenting upon the diverse outdoor activities, (And some indoor ones too!), bringing you, my faithful and ever patient readers more blogs to read and expand not only your minds, but horizons. So with that said let's get into this week's Saturday Blog Rodeo!

First up on the Rodeo is,

The Sharpened Axe.  Sawmanship, axemanship, cooking on a fireship, the guy is ship shape! Here is a great bushcraft type blog which has lots of tasty tips on all thing bushcraft.  Check out his post Do Haft To? he goes on about his travails with hafting a Hudson Bay Axe. Good fun to be had by all!

Out in Africa:
Next is The African Fly Angler!
The African Fly Angler hails from the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, Western Cape, in South Africa. Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa, and originaly settled by the Dutch East Indies Company as a supply station for their ships.

The African Fly Angler started fly fishing about three years ago, and since that time it has almost become an obsession with him. He regularly stalks trout in the beautiful Cape Streams, but also enjoy fishing some still water during the closed season. In addition he also ties flies and sells them to support the habit!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Federal, American Eagle 45 Auto Product Safety Warning

Federal, American Eagle 45 Auto Product Safety Warning

Certain lots of recently manufactured 45 Auto ammunition may contain an incorrect propellant charge. Use of product from these lots may result in firearm damage and possible serious injury.

38X628 through 38X765 38T401 through 38T414

If you have in your possession any 45 Auto with the following brand names and part numbers, check to see if your ammunition package contains the above lots: American Eagle® (AE45A, AE45N1, or AE45A250), ChampionTM (WM5233), GoldMedal® (GM45B), Hi-Shok® (45C, 45D) and Federal® Personal Defense® (C45C, C45D). Example below:

If you possess ammunition from any of these lots, or have questions concerning this warning, please contact us at 1-800-831-0850 or 1-800-322-2342 and ask for Product Service. Federal will provide replacement product and will cover the cost of returning the affected product.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holly Heyser: Wildlife Photographer, Hunting Art Prints

Holly Heyser's Wildlife Photography
The Incredible Art of Nature Prints

Holly Heyser, SmugMug, Gadwall duck feather

As you know, I am always on the lookout for any venture that my blogging friends are involved with, and I make it a point to support them and spread the word. Those of you that have monetized your blogs can rest assured that I always click on your sponsors and view their offers. It's an easy and painless way to support my fellow bloggers! Folks that have small business ventures will find that I am always amenable to putting up their banners.

 Recently, Holly Heyser of NorCalCazadora started a new artistic venture that is sure to catch the eye of any discerning outdoorsman. I first found out about it through her post, Introducing the coolest duck feather ever - and my new feather photo website

I'll let Holly tell the story in her own words:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Law: HR 308 and S 32 Large Capacity Magazines Ban

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In another attempt to back door gun control, the Democratic leadership has once again shown that they will pander to any National tradgedy to stem the flow of people, (and dollars) going to common sense approaches to governance. In their shortsighted and foolish legislation HR 308 and S32, the Democrats once again prove their inability to hold the guilty accountable, and instead seek to corral everyone into their flawed way of thinking.

These bills have now been introduced into both the U.S. House and Senate to ban large capacity ammunition feeding devices. Is your legislator one of the co-sponsors that subscribes to the theory that Americans can't govern themselves effectively?

H.R. 308 - click to see co-sponsors

S. 32 - click to see co-sponsors

If you legislator is a co-sponsor click here to email them and tell them to fight against this foolish legislation.

You can cut and paste this and use it, or modify it as you see fit!

As a law abiding citizen, I ask you to act in memory of those who died and were injured in Tucson to ensure that we do everything possible to prevent such tragedies in the future. Instead of punishing law abiding citizens, punish those that commit crimes! I know this may be a novel concept for the Congress and the Senate, but common sense used to be the hallmark of our legislative branch.

You can help by making the the fear merchants tone down the rhetoric, but you should also do everything possible to make sure that those who would commit such terrible acts are punished swiftly and convincingly.

I urge you to work against the ban on ammunition magazines. It is absurd to think that criminals will stop at the mere existence of the law.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
Member: Shindand Tent Club
Member: Hunting Sportsmen of the United States HSUS (Let 'em sue me.)
The Hunt Continues...

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles, Albert A Rasch, Hunting in Florida

Albert Rasch,HunterThough he spends most of his time writing and keeping the world safe for democracy, Albert was actually a student of biology. Really. But after a stint as a lab tech performing repetitious and mind-numbing processes that a trained capuchin monkey could do better, he never returned to the field. Rather he became a bartender. As he once said, "Hell, I was feeding mice all sorts of concoctions. At the club I did the same thing; except I got paid a lot better, and the rats where bigger." He has followed the science of QDM for many years, and fancies himself an aficionado. If you have any questions, or just want to get more information, reach him via TheRaschOutdoorChronicles(at)MSN(dot)com.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Turkey Hunting Tips from Our Fellow Bloggers!

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Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics from Our Friends

I've never had the opportunity to go turkey hunting, a situation that I aim to resolve as soon as I get out of this God foresaken piece of Afghan real estate, so I have been researching turkey hunting advice through all of our friend's blogs.