Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Tuesday at the Mess Hall, That Must Mean...

They're serving the same crap, just a different day! LOL

Hello everyone!

Well, what an eventful week we've had.

The Talibannanas have just up and gone suicidal!

Hold on, they do that all the time anyway. Let's just say they upped the loony quotient ten-fold this time around. Remember that whatever you're reading in the papers is nothing close to what's on the ground. They are not sufficiently organized, they lack the firepower, nor do they have the ability get enough loons together to "over run" a base regardless what the NY Times says. Most of the time they end up causing us to expend several thousand dollars of small arms munitions and showing them an early release from their mortal coils and a one way ticket to hell.

Having said that, sometimes they get lucky and ram a car full of explosives into a bus full of their own people, and blow up the one or two Westerners that happen to be on it. But the damned fools will never, not ever, win going toe to toe with the brave and resourceful young men and women of the United States.

Well my idea of having a post all done up and ready for publishing fell afoul of yet another military security measure. No thumbdrives allowed. All the ports are disabled so you can't plug anything in! Seems some mellon headed Colonel left a thumbdrive lying around, a local national stole it, it ended up at a bazaar where a private bought it, and much to his surprise he found it full of unencrypted secret squirrel stuff! Surprise! What else is new...

Well friends, I'm off to the flight line to check things out and make sure we are keeping everything safe and secure! Sometimes it's just a matter of keeping ourselves from doing harm to ourselves. Remember the Soviets left this place just chock full of party favors! In some cases they have even double stacked their exploding parting gifts! Clever fellows... But my Mozambiquans are cleverer.

I miss the day to day reparte we've had over the last few years, but soon enough I'll be back again for more fun and frolic!

Remember stay vigilant, stay safe!
Best regards!