Saturday, February 5, 2011

NEWS!!! Animal Rights Groups: The Al-Qaeda Connection NEWS!!!

Well my friends, the cat is finally out of the bag... so to speak.

Do we need any more proof that the so-called "Animal Rights" groups are nothing more than home-grown terrorists? What person in their right mind would stage an Al-Qaedaesque execution of a National icon like Ronald McDonald! The answer is self evident; see the proof for yourselves:

Al Qaeda Video: Ronald McDonald to be Executed

Chilling: In a spoof of an Al-Qaeda hostage film, an animal rights group, threatens to execute Ronald McDonald
Sick "Animal Rights" activists hold
 beloved American icon hostage! 

If they are willing to use the dastardly reputation and deadly tactics of the sickest, most perverted and destructive followers of that death cult, as a tool to further their agenda, what will they do next? Hold executions of children and their hamsters? Terrorize schools that have animals for the children to observe and study? Attack isolated farming communities? There is no end to the possible mayhem they could cause!

It is time we treated these eco-terrorists with the same medicine we treat all the enemies of our great Nation!

A Hellfire enema, delivered via Dr. Predator!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Florida Manatee Killer gets Measley $600 Fine... But Loses Boat!

This one got by me somehow, but at least the ending is better than in most cases.

From The St Petersburg Times

The angler recognized the boat roaring past him in the manatee refuge. It belonged to one of his neighbors in Brevard County. It was going much too fast.

Then the boat slammed into a manatee, a collision so violent that the boat jumped out of the water. The manatee's fluke was still sticking up from behind the motor. The manatee thrashed wildly as blood spread across the rippling waves.

The boat sped away. The angler, horrified, called the authorities to report what his neighbor had done. It turned out this wasn't the first time he had violated the speed rules.

Random Pics from Afghanistan

Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
In Afghanistan™
FOB Shindand

Albert Rasch, In Afghanistan
A Tomcat named "Suzy"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Determine a Turkey's Age by its Spurs

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 The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
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Turkey Hunting Tips
Estimating a Turkey's Age

As hunters, we try to develop skills that help us harvest game ethically and efficiently. When you are hunting turkeys for instance, being able to estimate the age of the bird you are harvesting is a pretty good skill to have. Even after the fact, wouldn't it be nice to know how old your turkey is?

It is realtively easy to estimate a turkeys age by measuring the length of the spurs. This can even be done on the fly, so to speak, by the sharp-eyed hunters out there reading The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sticks and Stones May Break Some Bones...

Tactical Ax Tactical Hawk Handle Wrap Tutorial!
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The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles™
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But A Damned Axe will Lop your Head Off!

Albert A Rasch, Afghanistan

I carry a baton..

And No! I am NOT a cheerleader.

The baton has the distinction of being one of those things that compels obedience in an immediate and satisfying fashion. Now I think batons are great, and I customized mine with a french half hitch in order to give me plenty of grip and lessen the chance of it being wrested from my hand.

I find it to be very useful in getting my point across and I have found that everyone suddenly understands exactly what I want, when it starts waving around.