This is How We Roll

That's right folks, this is the The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles Blog Roll:

I have missed quite a few of you, but this is right off the top of my head, and I'll keep on fixing and adding as time permits!

Where you need to be, and join first!!!:

Falconry Blogs:
Another Falconry Blog
Doug's Harris' Hawk Blog
Little Mews on the Prairie
Operation Delta Duck

Blacksmiths and Bladesmiths:
El Aprendiz Herrero
Primitive Point

StormDrane: Master Knotsman. Great work and tutorials!

Philosophy and Gunslinging:
The Mallard of Discontent
Home on the Range
Rabbit Stew
The Suburban Bushwacker
A Mindful Carnivore

Real Writers:
Home on the Range
Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer
Hodgeman’s Thoughts
The Maine Outdoorsman
Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer

Blogging Help and Advice:
Dayne Shuda Business Consultant

Guys I will hunt and fish with sooner or later!:
Native Hunt
Bowman Lodge
Nebraska Hunting Company
Ian Nance's The Wild Life
Rabid Outdoorsman
Strikes, Bites, and Fights
The Hog Blog
Whitetail Woods
Nebraska Outfitters Blog
The Maine Outdoorsman
Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
Of Grouse, Setters, and Trout

The Fishing Fanatics!
A Year on the Fly
Midgeman's Fly Box

People you shouldn't mess with...For real... Seriously.:
The Range Reviews: Tactical
Home on the Range
Bore Patch: Smart Guy, For Real
Straight Forward in a Crooked World
Be Prepared, Be a Survivor

In Afghanistan
Afghan Quest
Afghan Lessons Learned
Bill and Bob's Afghan Adventure Now Afghan Quest

Organizations that are important:
National Hunting and Fishing Day

People who hunt, and do it well:
Borderland Adventures: Her Perspective
Deer Passion
Of Grouse, Setters, and Trout

Midwest Bushcraft
Mungo Says Bah
Ron’s Primitive Skills
Skills for Wild Lives
The Suburban Bushwhacker
Woodcrafter’s Log

Trapping and Trappers:
Trapping Supplies Review

Outdoor Gear Reviewers
Ben G. Outdoors
Whitetail Woods
The Range Reviews: Tactical

Albert A Rasch Blogs:
In Afghanistan
The Range Reviews: Tactical

See my friend Michael Lee's custom traditional bows at Michael Lee's Stickbow Archery

I'll keep adding as I find you all out there!