Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Range Reviews: Tac-Pack First Aid Packs

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Tac-Pack by Tactical Medical Packs

Designed by Dr Maurizio Miglietta for Secret Service use, the Tac-Pack® is for the emergency treatment of open or bleeding wounds, wounds like gunshot wounds, knife wounds, broadhead wounds, explosive trauma, and it has an N95 mask that can handle certain smoke and dust conditions.

What it is, is a trauma kit that is compact and light enough to carry in a jacket or trouser pocket.

Inside the vacuum packed pouch, you find the necessary items to render immediate first aid. It is easily used on yourself, or on others, immediately. A trauma kit like this, in the hands of just about anyone, could potentially save any number of people, who normally would have been lost due to help not arriving soon enough.

No to belabor the point, but all of us need to be prepared in case of any kind of incident. With the ever present potential for a terrorist attack, or the possibility that a mentally disturbed individual goes on a rampage, citizens everywhere need to have capabilities that where once reserved for soldiers and first responders. The Tac-Packs should be the first thing placed in everyone's personal kit.

Tac-Pac Contents

The Tac-Pack contains the following:
Latex-Free Gloves
Roll Bandage
Abdominal Pad
N-95 Respirator Mask
Triangular Bandage
Occlusive Dressing
CPR Microshield.

Tac-Pack QC

The Tac-Pack QC has everything the Tack-Pack has, and adds QuikClot, which helps to staunch the flow of blood from a wound. It is vacuum packed and compact so that it fits just about anywhere.

Tac-Pac QC Contents

The Tac-Pack QC contains the following:
Latex-Free Gloves
Roll Bandage
Abdominal Pad
N-95 Respirator Mask
Triangular Bandage
Occlusive Dressing
CPR Microshield
25gram Quick Clot® Sponge

Dimensions and the back has a notes section that you can affix to the patient.
(Click on picture for a larger image.)

Important Information

Trauma and Gunshot wounds:
What you need to know to save a life.

Dr. Maurizio A. Miglietta

And for further instruction on using the Tac-Pack, Tack-Pack QC, or the Individual Battle Pack, see this information filled PDF: Instructional Training Materials. This is a well thought out Power Point style instructional manual that can be shown as a slide show or printed out as a handout.

N95 respirator has at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. For more information on N95 type respirators see this PDF from 3M

TMC will be coming out with a Hunter-Pack soon, which is very similar to the Tac-Pac QC. That's no excuse for not getting the Tac-Pac or Tac-Pack QC immediately for your home, business, vehicle, and rucksack. Again, as I frequently say, it is cheap insurance!

And don't forget, it's made in
The United States of America!

Tactical Medical Packs

MSRP: $24.95
Tac-Pack QC
MSRP: $36.50

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Anonymous said...

This is a very good review of something that could save somebodies life some day. Albert you are very right when you said that we need to be prepared, you never know these days when something bad will happen.

Nice job!

Native said...

Excellent review Albert,
I will be getting a few of these for out at the ranches and for carrying with me during the day.

I currently have the basic medical kits (mainly for the dogs but can be used for humans) with a few added items: Styptic Powder, Benedryl,Aspirin,Stapler and Staples W/remover (which I have used on myself by the way), etc. etc.
But these kits are big and bulky and remain in our vehicles.
T. Michael Riddle

The Tac-Pack QC is going to be something which we can pack around along with us, and not be weighed down with a bulky item.

Long Ridge Deer Camp said...

Much like we carry on operations. A must and cheap insurance. Take no room in a daypack or large pocket. Excellent review. Jack