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Hot Lures in Hot Colors! Veteran gets Creative!

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I happened to notice the colors first...

I was reading some of the blogs over at F&S, when in the little column on the right I saw the bright neon glow of pink. Looking more closely I saw that it was a flatty lure in a gussy come-hither-big-boy coat of paint that would make a New England Minister shake his head in disbeleif.

Seeing that he was Veteran, I thought I would drop him a note and highlight him here on TROC, especially for all of my West Coast readers! He kindly forwarded several new photos for me to share with you.

Larry LaRue, a Gulf War veteran, custom makes flashy, dressed for the prom fish catching lures. He takes lures that allready catch fish, like the Kwikfish pictured above, dresses them in new colors and sells them as "Looney Lures". He trained with noted lure designer Phil Rabideau, and learned how fish percieve color, and how all the other components of the environment, like the moon phase, water temperature, or turbidity, affect what a fish will strike at.

Bubby suggests that this might be a good one
 to try for Largemouth Bass!

Oooo, that's hot...

In his Field and Stream interview, Larue says: "Fish, particularly salmon and steelhead, react to color differently in cold, cool, and warm water, but they all have an optimum temperature. In water colder than that optimum temperature, they’ll react strongly to bright lures. At a cooler, mid-range temperature, use mid-range tone lures, like brass, chrome, or gold. If the water is warmer than the fishs’ optimum temperature, they get uncomfortable so you have to use dark lures because brights often spook them more than attract them."

A well dressed selection!

 Many of the commentors also added that they would be interested in a book by Mr LaRue with his theories and observations on color. I might add that I would certainly like to see that also and I hope that Larry can find the time to perhaps pursue that idea. I would also be very happy to purchase and review it for my readers!

The proof is in the landing net!

If you are interested in buying his hand painted custom lures, you can contact him at: or call him at (503) 954-0487. As of yet, Larry LaRue has not put together a website of his creations, but he will forward you shots of his custom lure creations!

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Anonymous said...

Those are some very nice bright colors and some great painting capabilities.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

Home on the Range said...



Michael Spinelli said...

Those are some very well appointed lures. Nothing like those available on this side of the pond.

Mike S

Danny Gabriel, Wounded Veterans Fishing Program said...

we have used these kwikfish for 2 years now and they do out fish the others by a long shot, very cool looking too.