Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Range Reviews: CMMG 28rd Immortal Magazines

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Once again I have more to tell from the 2009 SHOT Show.

As I have mentioned previously, 60 percent of firearm and accessory sales are now garnered by the "Tactical" segment. Who would have thought that fifty years after its inception, the AR15 would be "America's Rifle!"

Many of us, who up until now, have not paid close attention to this segment, have been surprised by the incredible growth. I for one, am pleased to see this phenomenal growth in the shooting arena!

While cruising the "Tactical" section I stopped at the CMMG booth. Lucas Stephenson, representative of CMMG, showed me the newest magazine from CMMG. It is their 28rd magazine with stainless steel anti-tilt follower and triple braided wire spring.

Available in your choice of Mil-Spec phosphate gray or Black Teflon body.

CMMG claims that no other magazine offers greater performance under extreme conditions. It has their new stainless steel anti-tilt follower which features superb stability, minimal drag and unmatched durability.

The new CMMG braided wire spring gives 40% additional pressure over standard USGI springs. A nano-ceramic plated braided wire spring protects for over 400+ hours against salt sea spray. The twisted, multi-strand construction eliminates the magazine from ever taking a set. According to CMMG, no single strand chrome silicon spring can compare! This magazine spring can be altered to allow 30rds by removing 1-2 coils from the spring with a cutoff wheel. Remember, that CMMG cannot sell their magazines in states where their purchase is restricted.

SKU Number: M-I30
MSRP: $29.95

Disassembly is easy:

Pry magazine floorplate up and out.

Slide the floorplate out.

And the components are laid out for cleaning.

Rock and Roll Baby!

CMMG also has their components available for retrofiting and repair of magazines.

CMMG Braided Spring with SSAT Follower

CMMG's new Stainless Steel Anti-Tilt, or SSAT follower.

Also new from CMMG is their Stainless Steel Anti-Tilt, or SSAT follower. The stainless offers some level of corrosion resistance, while the anti tilt engineering keeps the follower from binding on the way up or while reloading the magazine. the SSAT follower also provides the greatest strength with the lowest drag. If you are retrofitting the follower to your own magazines, the follower drops straight in and secures to bottom of standard mag spring for ease of installation.
This is a great buy for all those milsurp magazines you have picked up over the years.

SKU Number: M-SSAT
MSRP: $2.50

CMMG Braided Wire Replacement Spring

Helping out all the folks that already have magazines, CMMG has made their braided wire replacement spring available for purchase. Combined with the new CMMG SSAT follower, CMMG's new braided wire spring delivers AK reliability in an AR15 mag. The braided spring gives 40% additional pressure over standard USGI springs so rapid fire misfeeds are less likely. Nano-ceramic coating on the braided wire protects it against salt spray for 400+ hours. This is likely the the last spring you will ever need! The braided wire springs are run to maximum length and may be customized by cutting off 1-3 coils, if necessary. This ensures optimum performance for those running mags fully loaded or downloaded.

This is another great retrofit for milsurp magazines in your stock.
SKU Number: M-30-BW
MSRP: $5.95

CMMG is yet another American company striving hard to produce quality merchandise for the American people. They have a wide variety of upper receivers, barrels, buttstocks, and accessories for the AR15 platform. As with many other manufacturers of AR15 components and systems, CMMG is working very hard at catching up with the extreme demand for their merchandise.

I'll be putting this magazine through its paces this weekend. I don't expect any problems whatsoever. If it performs as well as it looks, it will be a definite winner in my book!

Albert A Rasch
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xxxxx said...


Albert A Rasch said...


I won't know until I work 'em over this weekend. Having said that, I feel that they, at the very least, are better than genuine military issue, if only because it offers a bit more peace of mind. And my main criteria will be reliability plain and simple.

In my previous military career I only had two misfeeds. Plenty of misfires though.

I can understand misfires, but I will not accept a misfeed with a weapon that I rely on.

Let's see what it can do!


me said...

I'll be interested in your review.
I've not experienced much bad ammo, but plenty of bad magazines.
I would be interested in knowing how the stainless steel compares to the followers in Israeli magazines. They are like the green--some kind of polymer--but were touted as being "anti-tilt."

Great info.

Aaron said...

I prefer the polymer mags, they are far less noisy and have been very reliable. I prefer the Magpul with the window. They are also a lot less frog skins AIM Surplus has them for $17.05 right now with .01 cent shipping. Check out the magpul test on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCFXcOOb4jc

xxxxx said...

well i have to say i realy do like the spring . it looks like it would hold up much better being a wound spring.i wish thay had been around in 79 when i was a ranger.well have fun testing .