Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kommen Sie Heir, Schwine!

© 2008 By Albert A Rasch

Ms. Klose's first thought was: "That is one ugly dog."

It might not be hog hunting, but I sure think its funny!

What's not funny though is the following:

"The hunter says the tabloid reporter brandished a camera and warned him he'd have the whole of Berlin on his case if he pulled the trigger. Mr. Eggert sensed a PR debacle, so he phoned around until he found an animal sanctuary 40 miles from Berlin that granted the boar asylum and named the swine "Amanda""
MARCUS WALKER Wall Street Journal

I wonder what the season is on knuckle headed reporters.

Here is the rest: Pigs in Berlin

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Native said...

Loved the site Albert!
First time visit and liked the editorial which you have going on here.

I sometimes miss my old stompin' grounds (Born and raised in Orlando, Orange Memorial Hospital 11/24/57).

But, you can't beat the weather and huntin' out here in California.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Albert A Rasch said...


Thanks for stopping by!

Which blog do you have? I clicked on your profile but it didn't pull up.

Albert A Rasch

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

I've heard about the wild boars of Berlin before but i didn't know there were THAT many!

Two words (or is it one?)

Bow Hunting.

Tusks on the wall, Striped hide for a hat, and sausages, lovely lovely sausages.

Native said...

No blog Albert just a website, (native hunt) I have also retro actively looked at some of your other posts and really enjoyed the Hog N Dog post.

I am an old dog man from way back, came to sunny Ca. in April of "80" to play music out here and found that California has hogs too!
Been here ever since.

I visit the hog blog and nor cal cazadora quite often and became interested in Albert A. Rasch as I would read your commentary on Holly and Phillips blogs.

Take care and I hope to visit you here often!

Albert A Rasch said...

Well thanks for stopping by Native!

Check out the Outdoor Bloggers Summit there are a lot of other hog hunters on it!

BTW there's a post,Helping your fellow Bloggers that will show you how to put your link right in the comments you write.

Again, thanks for stopping by!


deerslayer said...

Albert; If we had more folks like this guy we'd have nothing to hunt. I also enjoyed your article on boilies and the recipe for making them, thanks I'll have to try that sometime. Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and a safe one.