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The PeTA Files: Cowards One and All...

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PeTA Followers are Naughty Name Callers

"Or do you think the means justify the ends? If you do, you have to make sure that someone doesn’t shove those means so far up you ass, that you’ll need an ear, nose and throat specialist to fix you!"

I must have hit a raw nerve with my post PeTA: Cruel to Children. If you go and take a look at the comments you will see a really vile comment aimed at me, plus another not so bad one about my eventual demise from a heart attack, ala Billy Mays. I was actually going to post an alligator recipe today, but it was a low cholesterol dish, so there you have it.

Anyway, I thought I would post my response here for everyone's convenience, plus there for their convenience.


Jack and anonymous, who is the coward? Do either of you have the nerve or gumption to go toe to toe with me? I'm almost 50, in pretty good shape, and if you notice I never take advantage of anyone's hospitality even when I go to other sites I don’t agree with.

But I guarantee you that I could whip both your butts, assuming you are men and not women. (If you’re women I’m kind of shocked that you would act like this, it’s not seemly; I would expect civil discourse and reasoned discussion, maybe some bossing around, but not nasty name calling.)

You guys on the other hand, lurk around anonymously and say some pretty nasty stuff. (Well Jack does anyway...)

Anonymous, the difference between you and I, is that I acknowledge the effort put into, and the moral compass that, a Vegan follows. (And that my punctuation is better than yours.) I have no beef against a Vegan. But, I am not going to be forced into vegetarianism because you think it’s better for me. And again, I don’t care if you do it and think it is great.

You on the other hand, think that you have the moral right to dictate how I live my life. Remember, there is only one real Right, and that is the right to live your life without fear of force being used against you. You and I have the right to live free of coercion. Every other right is just window dressing on that basic right. I’m not twisting your arm to be omnivorous, I don’t expect you to coerce me into being a Vegan. And I might add that I find it interesting that those of us that you most vehemently oppose, are the ones most likely to defend you with their lives. And come to think of it, you see nothing wrong with passing laws and then using the State to enforce these laws and then coercing me. Or do you?

You seem to live under the mistaken assumption that because you are Vegan, you are somehow morally superior to me. How did you reach that conclusion? Does being a Vegan confer some special appointment that I am not aware of? If that is the case, then it must also be true that since I work, pay my taxes and vote, that I must be morally superior to those that don't. Or that because I acknowledge my rightful place in the hierarchy of things I am morally superior to those that don't. Sounds kind of silly to me...

You also refuse to acknowledge that there is more to hunting than killing. You refuse to observe and experience the hard work and perseverance that goes into hunting. I don’t deny that I enjoy hunting. I don’t deny that there is satisfaction in a clean kill. But let me be clear, there is little joy in the actual death of an animal. As many hunters will attest, there is frequently a moment of regret or sadness, but that is tempered by the basic satisfaction that the hunter feels knowing that he can provide and secure sustenance. It does not matter whether it is necessary or not in this day and age of mass produced food, it matters to me, and that is all that matters, regardless of the moral high horse you think you sit on.

When PeTA purposely ( or not...) goes out of its way to hurt one of my children, understand that I am going to respond. It won’t be pretty. When I go after someone or something, my gloves come off. Wouldn’t you do the same for your children? Or do you think the means justify the ends? If you do, you have to make sure that someone doesn’t shove the means so far up you rear, that you’ll need an ear, nose and throat specialist to fix you!

And by the way, my pulse rate is below the norm, cholesterol's below average, blood work comes in great, and I can bicycle mile after mile no fuss no muss. But should I have a heart attack, I pay for my own insurance, and ask nothing of any other person.

Now if you want to have a reasonable discussion, you can be as passionate as you want, but refrain from spurious lies and comments."

Well folks, let's see what kind of character these Animal Rights type have. You want to be nasty, that's your business, just don't go crying home to mama when you get spanked!

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"Zack" said...

"I have no beef against a Vegan"


Funniest line I have heard in a while!

Paul Steeve said...

In my opinion, it isn't even worth going 12 rounds with people who leave comments like that. While I'm all for great in-depth discussion on controversial topics, you don't get that through blogging. These are people who hide behind an electronic facade and rely on false information as the basis of their weak arguments. They refuse to acknowledge fact and logic. It is worse than talking to a brick least the wall won't spew back false information regarding its warped sense of reality.

hodgeman said...

Never wrestle with a pig in mud. You'll get filthy and the pig just likes it...

It can be fun though!

Michael Spinelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Spinelli said...


I went to the original posting and saw the filthy, disgusting comments left on there. And for you to answer with such diplomacy! Man, I would have deleted that post and told them off. It shows what character you have, and what inane fools they are. It is a shame that our society has devolved to this. It is just unbelievable to me. There was a time when people would not hide behind anonymity and libel someone else.

I'll keep tabs on what you are doing and back you up anyway I can.

Sock it to 'em!
Mike S.

native said...

Just as any two year old will throw a tantrum when denied what they demand, so goes the saga of the Animal Rights Extremist!

These people are fully into the throes of complete tantrum mode Albert, and none of the logical reasoning in all of the world will placate them.
You have surely shown adult restraint with your reply, but then again, you would not use foul language, or try and yell louder than your small child in order to get your point across either would you!

I like the idea of a sound public spanking, I believe that it would teach them a little manners!

But, that might not even do it because these B-complex vitamin deprived individuals (Just like Adolph Hitler) are slowly losing their reasoning and ADULT mental faculties.
And they would not even understand why they are being spanked!

SimplyOutdoors said...


I have to applaud you on your response. I think posts like these will go a long way to show people what we hunters are truly about. Sure this particular wingnut isn't going to be persuaded, but someone on the fence could stumble across your blog, see an exchange such as this, and start to form a different opinion of us hunters - that is a good thing.

I love having these comment exchanges with anti's, especially when the commenters are as fanatical as this one is. It just proves how out of touch they are, and how sensible and compassionate we are.

And I have no problem with someone having convictions and sticking with what they believe. What I do have a problem with, however, is actually what you refereed to, someone trying to FORCE their way of life on me.

Excellent post and rebuttal. Keep it up.

Doug said...

I have to believe that ultimately, comments like theirs will do their movement more harm than good. It shows their lack of reasoning skills. Healthy debate is a good thing, even if you never agree, but name calling and boundless attacks are simply childish.


Anonymous said...

People are afraid and lash out at what they don't know. It is easier for them to do that than it is to try and understand it.
I am not sticking up for them by any means, what they have said is damaging and hurtful and for what reason.
It just goes to show how some people can be so ignorant.

Nice job Albert!

Retardo said...

You're arguing from the Golden Rule with those guys, and that's a waste of time. The golden rule starts out with the assumption that we're both equal, and so fairness demands that we treat each other equally. Progressives don't see it that way. It's like arguing fairness with royalty, or with a racist. You can't talk fairness in any sane way with somebody who thinks he has more rights than other people just by virtue of being his own wonderful superior self.

The other problem progressives have with the golden rule is that it's an informal little brother of the rule of law: It doesn't guarantee a perfect outcome and it's not meant to. It's an algorithm that people can follow if they want to generate imperfect outcomes that they can all more or less live with. If they're adults, they understand that in a reasonably fair system, the imperfect outcomes are distributed more or less evenly, or at least arbitrarily, and that perfection is unattainable anyhow.

People who insist on perfect outcomes are fanatics. You can't live with them. They shoot abortionists, they terrorize medical researchers, they spike trees, and when they get power, they build gulags and concentration camps. They believe in Zero Tolerance. Put them in charge of a school, and even in a free country, they'll start suspending kids for having plastic butter knives or Advil.

jes said...

I wouldn't let a little thing like a heart attack stop me from hunting....but it did slow me down for awhile, before I built up my stamina by hiking in with a pack, then a pack and a treestand and finally hiking in and out with them all and three 8pt. bucks this year. Venison is the lowest in fat and the best of all for keeping down the fats, and so is good fish...Both give the edge in staying alive, and both give you a good reason to appreciate the life you are living...I'm about 66 this year, and this is the first health problem I've had...and after "stinting" me up, my endurance is as good as it was before it happened. Hell, I'd probably be dead by now if I didn't hunt! Damn sure wouldn't have as many reasons for living without it. Stay healthy, buddy, and bury the hatchet for the PETA guys, right where it will do the most good.

R. Gabe Davis said...

I feel no more regret when I kill an animal to eat then I do when I pull a green onion from the ground. It is the circle of life. Vegans never want to admit it but plants are alive to. they are a carbon based life form just like us.

mel said...


I also wanted to say that you are obviously making good points, because they haven't flooded your blog trying to discredit you.

On their site (I read up from time to time lately after the Flygate incident), they have your blog linked with some rather rude comments:

"Hey there's a scumbag hunter who is planning to attack some kids at a school for supporting PETA, lets all try and stop him somehow. Maybe we can flood his website to stop his message of hate!? This his scumbag website: (site listed)"

(quote, Dave Bell, PETA blog "No Bull: Half-Nude People Line Times Square Sidewalk")


I've only seen the three posts that are on your blog.

Also, reading your blog, you do not advocate "attacking" them except by giving teens the other side of the story with facts (as you are a hunter).

I also find the person's post laughable too because he and others will go and attack people, calling them names and idiots because they have a contrary opinion. I've been called an idiot and have even had things read into so they could try and disprove my comments. An example was (roughly) "where does it say in the Bible that man was to eat animals? It doesn't say that."

Answer - yes it does: Leviticus 11 has a list of animals that you could and could not eat, as well as other places in the Bible. I've yet to see his response there, as it's been one of the ones that has been posted.

They also seem to think that vaccines such as polio and measles were not tested on animals nor that the flu vaccine is egg based (one reason they ask if you're allergic to eggs before you get a shot).

Then again, as you must get those vaccines to go to school (well, flu is optional and has Tamiflu), they don't want to say that those were tested on animals because they do not want to believe they benefitted from animal testing. This in spite of the fact for the most part these vaccines were probably invented long before PETA members were even born.

I respect their right to argue - as you and others do. However, I wish they'd do it in return.

PETA wonders why they don't get any good news coverage when they do something that is actually helping stop animal cruelty, but when you see them make asinine comments and do outlandish protests, you have your answer right there.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks for the heads up. I don't know if any of these guys have had any manners taught to them. I mean really, don't they realize kids read that stuff all the time?

Anyway I left him an invitation to come and play.
Dave Bell, Come and Play!


mel said...

Yep, they're cowards - they haven't posted up your response to Dave Bell's challenge, and probably won't because it doesn't fit their notion that PETA is always right and dissenting voices are wrong.

For a group who claims to be fair, they sure aren't. As I said, they wonder why people don't look at the cases that actually are good (as in true animal cruelty such as those you mentioned in another blog that true hunters DON'T do) and successful over the silly stuff.

When you get into something that reads "Look at me" instead of what it's supposed to, of course people have the connotation of "PETA uses silly stunts to get attention::PETA as a whole is silly."