Thursday, July 2, 2009

Real Men Hunt

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I don't know why, but I am on a real tear. I've been hitting some of the animal rights blogs and really trying to get an intellectual conversation going. In some cases I have been treated with the same courtesy and respect I show them. Ms. Doris Lin's Blog and site has been polite and open. (She's an attorney, I don't hold it against her.) Some I have been ignored at, and others they just blow up and splatter themselves.
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But what I think is bugging me the most though is the lack of courage among so many of them. I mean really, is using a name and linking back to your site so frightening or am I so intimidating? I am really at the point of calling them to task on this. (I'm sooo mean.)

Recently, Anonymous #2 said I wasn't a real man. Quite frankly anonymous, look in your own pants before you point fingers.


Did you read that post carefully? Would you allow someone to show your child a disturbing movie? Or would you make your point with gentle and instructive guidance? Because it seems that you seem to think that it's ok for a PeTA supporter to traumatize a child with the horrific images I witnessed. If that is the case, then you need to...

I'm not sure what you would need, but I would start it with a good old fashioned ass whipping.

Now for a lesson in being a man, which I would happily give you at any time and place of your choosing:

Real men don't hide behind anonymous.

Real men master their fears.
Real men take it like a man.
Real men do not allow others to dictate to them.
Real men protect their families from any threat.
Real men give their children every opportunity to live safe and free from fear.
Real men protect the right of others to live without coercion.
Real men serve in the military, risk their lives, and protect everyone, even the ones they don't like.
Real men die for pukes like you. Not because we want to die, but because that is what we do.

Do you meet any of those qualifications?

I'm waiting.

Albert A Rasch
US Army Retired
Proud father of three, one also in the US Army.


native said...

As I said over at Doris' site before she so rudely deleted my comments:

Well said Albert!

I also believe that (just as it did with the "vegetarian" Adolph Hitler, lack of the B-complex vitamins are causing a neurological breakdown in their synapses.

Perhaps that is why they can't answer honest questions with honest and intelligent thought process, along with scientific proof to back up their philosophies.

Also makes em' act like an herbivore prey animal, cut and run when confronted with the bold truth!

Paul Steeve said...

People who feel so strongly for their beliefs they won't dare say them with a real identity...gotta love em. This is why you can't get a decent conversation going online--people feel like spewing in their worthless two cents on the subject and frolicking off with no sense of pride or ownership. There is no debate. Or you get a 6th grade kid rattling your chain for a good laugh. Either way, it shows how much power (or lack there of) PeTA actually has within its members.

Stephen Olner said...

You need to add real women in there too, my wife is in the National Guard it amazes us how people don’t debate or communicate in this day and age it’s becomes a cussing session. I have always said if you have to swear to make your point you lost the argument. The lack of debate often means a lack of intelligence in a lot of cases and they have just been brainwashed into their beliefs and don’t question what they have actually been taught!

Anonymous said...

Albert, some people are so narrow minded it is not funny.
I liked it when you said,

"Real men don't hide behind anonymous". That is why I use my real name on all my posts.

Albert A Rasch said...


You are absolutely right! This was really a response to an individual and not meant in any way to disparage women, women in the military, or women hunters. We all know that real women do the same, even with Scent Free Lipgloss, nail polish, and special waders with their, uhmmm, special adaptations to better... Oh Jeez, you all know what I mean...

Stammering Albert

Isaac said...


I tried the same thing you're trying quite awhile ago. I even had one gentleman offer to call me up to discuss the whole AR thing and we chatted for about an hour and a half with no cussing or offensive remarks made on either side.

My master's degree is in Conflict Resolution and at one point I went as far as attempting to write my Master's thesis on using alternative dispute resolution techniques to open lines of communication between animal rights activists and hunters...

I gave up.

While there certainly are activists out there who will have that conversation with you, its easier to call you a murderer or whatever, and continue on their merry way. I decided it wasn't worth banging my head against a brick wall over. I'll deal with things in my immediate sphere of influence, my family, friends, coworkers, etc., and let the "anonymous" masses burn in their own flames.

Take care of what you can (your daughter, the propaganda at her school, etc.) but the internet is well, the internet. Don't let them get to you. You're better than that. Erase their comments and don't respond. It's not cowardly, its sensible. How often have you heard of internet flame wars actually being resolved? It's just name calling back and forth so why even participate? If they know their comments will be deleted and you're not going to respond they won't come back.

Add to your list that "Real men don't participate in flame wars, We have no need to, we stand firm in our convictions and arguing with invisible people in alternate reality is beneath us." And leave it at that.

All the best,


LSP said...

Well said.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I think it comes down to one thing when you're talking about anti's; and that is that all of their arguments are based on emotion and not fact. That is why most of them can't have an honest debate with you, because they have no facts to back it up; they tend to stick to the same outlandish ways that PETA uses: name calling, shock and awe, etc.

I personally don't waste too much time on any anti sites. I've done it in the past, but most of them are just quite boring and they never have any real ground to stand on.

And by the way Albert, thanks for serving in the military, and kudos to your child that is serving too. All of us owe you and them a ton of gratitude.

Have a great Independence holiday!

B said...


As I write this, I realize this isn't my real name, however, I feel I have nothing to fear, And my name is often mentioned on my blog.

This post you made is really quite interesting to me. I've recently read some Eco-Feminist literature, many of which links oppression of animals to the oppression of women.

Your "real men are hunters" post displays some of the concepts that I have read, seeing them on your blog is very interesting to say the least. Anyways, I'm currently working on a slideshow presentation on the intersections that will be on my blog, later tonight, and I encourage those interested to leave a Ad Hominem free comment.

Again, your blog and comments have pleasantly surprised me Albert. Polite, but upfront - something that is devoid in most internet debates.


B said...

And as an afterthought,

I would say that being after reading your descriotion of a "Real Man", I'm more content to stay an "Unreal Man"...

Albert A Rasch said...


Whether you admit it or not, you are a real man in my book! Anyone that follows the honorable precepts of your following, with the kind of commitment and mental discipline that you show, and shows up at the Chronicles has a real set of brass ones in my book!

You may eschew violence, practice animal welfare, and all that other stuff that I don't agree with, but you are an honest and upfront guy with more honor than most.

I will count you as a friend, and for the love of god, don't get into any trouble without me or my merry band of miscreants around to watch your back!

Folks, this is my friend Brendan. Though completely an antithesis to all of us, he is a straight shooter, respectful, (Obviously had good parents.) and as far as I am concerned an all round good sort. Please let us all treat him with the same courtesy and respect that he has shown me.

Think of him as a Buddhist Monk; you wouldn't haul off and belt one across the chops now, would you?

We accept all types at the Chronicles!


Latrell said...

(Steveo_uk's wife here), just for the record my name is Latrell, I use my real name on the net because I think that if I post it I should stand behind it as myself and not some lurker in the shadows.

It seems to me that no matter what the topic is people around the world like to argue, rather its on the net or in person.

I recently had a "discussion" with a man in my unit that had just taken his oath to be a US citizen. (He has in my oppinion a very strange view of people on government assitance, I think I may have to write a blog about the subject)

We had completely different views and it eventually got to the point where he was yelling. I was there with about 15 people telling him he was dead wrong and he was all alone trying to yell over all of us. In the end the group of us just walked away.

This guy was not willing to hear anybody's veiw but his own so it was pointless to argue with him about it.

Even though it was a topic that I have very strong oppinions about I really couldn't be bothered to argue with him.

Most of the time in those situations I walk away believing that the main reason people are not willing to listen is because they really don't know facts about what they are supporting and if they listen for 2 minutes they may realize they are wrong or u
uneducated on the subject.

oh and my husbands comment about "real women" and your reply. Just to set the record straight, I could go with out the lip gloss and have no problem getting my hands dirty, and I can fire a weapon but I am not so sure I could shoot an animal unless it was a life or death situation. Not that I am against hunting, I believe that we have to eat and I like meat! but I am just happy some one else does the shooting part, Even with out the lipgloss and nail polish, I am soooo not a "real man" lol

Albert A Rasch said...

Miss Latrell,

Ask any of the OBS ladies and they'll tell you what I'm all about! That and I think most of them know my Mom's phone number, so I tend to stay on the straight and narrow!!!

Thanks for stopping, by I'm much obliged to you for taking the time to comment.


Latrell said...

the last bit about hunting was just funny to me, I always say I am all for equality for women to a point, there are just some things I simple reserve the right to be a girl and not do! lol killing and cleaning a deer is amont those things lol

ZHP said...

Albert, I found your site through Confessions of an Overworked Mom as I was curious about the guy ripping people off, the scammer/spammer. Awful.
But I would like to give you my two cents on hunting and meat eating.
I personally have no problem with hunting although I do not eat meat at this stage of my life. The problem comes when I have to turn down food from others because I do not like to label myself vegitarian (I eat dairy) or anything else. People are generally nice about it, but it's like I've joined a cult or something, like I am rejecting their food choices, which I certainly am not.
I grew up in northern Vermont where most people hunted and I know my way around guns and have helped raise animals that I have eaten.
On occasion where there is nothing else to eat, such as visiting relatives and the like, I'll eat meat, saying to myself "when in Rome.."
It's more of a spiritual thing for me and getting into a debate on reincarnation is not what I want to get into when it's time to eat!
The only beef (!) I have with hunting is "Sunday Hunters." My dad, a real outdoorsman, has had numerous bullets whistle past his head not far into the woods near his home.
As I'm sure you would agree, make sure of what you are shooting at and get wasted AFTER the day of hunting!
Be well,

Unknown said...

You are full of crap. NOt ALL men can or are able to serve in the military and that doesn't make us any less men than those who do serve. We all serve our Country in different ways....from the guy designing the weapons used by the men in uniform to the civilian weatherman providing guidance for a military strike. So, before you post more nonsensical dribble on your definition of a real man, keep in mind the squadrons of civilians keeping the cannon-fodder boys in the field warm, clothed, fed, safe, and able to do their job. You don't do it alone...otherwise you would be slaughtered and eaten alive by the likes of the Taliban. Someone has to design the aircraft, weapons system, and supply chain to keep the boys in the field alive. ---and it surely isn't ranting idiots like yourself. Also, how about all the civilian doctors, and support staff attending to the boys in uniform? Are they not men? Besides, the military is also full of homo******* and Transsex**** so obviously not all serving in combat are real men. In thinking about this, I believe that you hide behind military service to hide your inadequacies as a man as you are probably some crap for brains idiot with only a high school education, living in government housing just waiting for your VA benefits to kick in.

Albert A Rasch said...

Hey Rene,

First things first you dumbass, you will note that nowhere on TROC has there ever been any reference to gay or trans-gender folks in any way shape or fashion. I've served with gay people, and they're more man than you. Assuming you're a man obviously.

Second, and remember this is my blog so my opinions hold sway, I think everyone should serve. Whether they want to or not. Contract with society etc etc etc...

Third I'm already retired from the military, own property, and work for a living. Easily ascertained by my numerous references to what I am up to.

I'll assume that you haven't served, wouldn't want to, and won't even volunteer at the VA to help out, much less hire on with an overseas contractor and put your mouth on the line for your fellow Americans. Assuming your an American.

So, do me a favor, read first and do your research so you don't have to look like a fool when I answer you back.