Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Florida Felons: Poaching Peabody the Tame Buck

Dustin Cole Jernigan: Poacher, Criminal

Once again, some sorry excuse for a criminal has committed yet another crime that will reflect badly on everyone involved in shooting and hunting activities.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of The Portly Pirate at The Drawn Cutlass, my attention was directed to the conviction and sentencing of a Haines City felon, Dustin Cole Jernigan. Jernigan pleaded no contest on Friday to poaching the breeder deer named "Peabody," from Shadd's Game Farm near Lake Butler on September 6 last year.

Dustin Cole Jernigan will also have a restitution hearing in September where the owner of Peabody will be asking for $80,000. I hope he gets every bit of it in one way or another!

You can read all the details on The Gainsville Sun's web site: Man sentenced to probation for beheading buck.

Jernigan will likely be placed on the Wildlife Violators Compact list, and will not be able to get any hunting license in many states for several years.

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Anonymous said...

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SimplyOutdoors said...

I hope he has to pay the full 80,000, doesn't get to hunt in any state EVER again, and gets some jail time to boot.

What a loser!

dukkillr said...

But if he'd have paid for it he could have called it hunting according the ideas I learned here!

Holly Heyser said...

What an asshat. While poaching is abhorrent, I think the biggest problem with what this guy did was killing the animal and just taking the head - that's the kind of stuff that the public remembers, and then extrapolates to all hunters, not recognizing that it's criminal behavior, not the norm.

Oh, you thought that first sentence was referring to Dukkillr? It well could have. What, dude, you're just going to come in here and snipe once in a while? Why don't you go back to one of your baited-bear hunts. Yeah, that's a hard-core challenge for ya. A baited bear is WAY more challenging than a high-fence hunt. Makes all the difference in the world not having a fence around the jelly donuts.

Seriously, dude, live and let live. I don't give a crap if you hunt bears over bait where the "expert evaluator" can pick and choose a big boar for you, but if you do, you should really avoid sanctimony over other forms of hunting. Totally lame.

dukkillr said...

So, just to be clear, we are now attacking baiting as not sporting? I thought I read over and over again how "hunters need to stick together and support anything anyone may claim to be a form of hunting".

I don't want to blow up a thread here so I won't respond further, but:
1) Tame deer killed - fine
2) Breeder buck - fine
3) In a pen - fine

The mistake this guy made was in not paying for the privilege of "hunting" that "wild" animal. Obviously it wasn't hunting, but the sad thing is that it would fit the, "whatever you make of it" standard as long as it wasn't stealing.

Holly Heyser said...

Gosh, Dukkillr, I'm sorry you couldn't make it all the way to the third paragraph of my comment.

Like I said, I don't care what you do. I just think it's hypocritical to say high-fence hunting isn't hunting because it lacks certain challenges when hunting bears over bait also lacks certain challenges, and you seem to have no problem calling that hunting.

And how freakin' generous of you to not want to "blow up the thread" when the only reason you popped in in the first place was to be inflammatory. What, you thought you could just come in and make one snotty remark and somehow maintain innocence? Please. That's infantile reasoning. If you don't want to blow up threads, then don't join them in the first place. That or behave like a grown-up when you do.

Bob said...

Thanks for the linkage, Albert. Much appreciated.

native said...

I just simply love you ;-) Nuff' said bout' that!

Albert, I tell ya' this much, from what I have seen out at the Jolon Ranch where we keep our "EXOTIC'S!!!"
Those Eurasian Wild Boar we have are voracious eaters. And I also will tell you, that you would not want to break your leg out in the back country there.
Because, if it were a couple days before anyone knew that you were missing, those Eurasian Wild Boar would most likely make a meal out of you in no time flat.

That individual who poached Peabody is lucky that I did not catch him out where we are at, wouldn't be enough left of him to feed to anybody's domestic hogs, and even the vultures would not get a leftover scrap.
And I would not have to do a darn' thing but give that poacher a gentle shove off of a cliff. :-(