Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation News

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A little administrative work is in order today also.

Florida Shoreline Fishing Licenses

Here in Florida you have never had to have a resident fishing license if you were fishing from shore, bridge, pier, jetty, or dock. Well, that is about to change. On August 1st, you will be required to purchase and have in your possession a valid Florida shoreline fishing license, unless they already have a regular resident saltwater fishing license. If you are a resident angler, you may want to pony up and purchase the regular recreational saltwater license that covers you, wherever you want to fish in Florida salt waters.

Nonresidents will have to have a license when fishing from shore as they always have, so get a regular nonresident saltwater fishing license and avoid the big fat ticket.

The new shoreline saltwater fishing license for residents goes on sale July 15.

The new shoreline license includes these two new exemptions:

Anglers drawing food stamps, temporary cash assistance or Medicaid; and anglers fishing in their home counties who use cane poles or other gear that does not depend on mechanical retrieval.

Turtles to China No More!

Commercial turtle harvesting will no longer be legal in Florida as of July 20th. After reports of huge commercial turtle harvests from lakes in Central Florida in 2007, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) decided to pass the most stringent turtle harvest rule in the nation.

The FWC moved quickly to address the problem and created interim rules to address the issue before a final ruling was made.

"We determined there was the possibility the species could not withstand the pressure from unchecked harvest," said Tim Breault, director of the FWC's Division of Habitat and Species Conservation. "This new rule will conserve Florida's diverse turtle population in perpetuity." FWC

Individuals will be allowed to take one freshwater turtle per day per person from the wild for noncommercial use and people cannot transport more than one turtle per day.

Hopefully the hard work and quick action by the FWC will allow freshwater turtles to recover.

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