Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scheduling Blog Posts: How To

Scheduling Posts

Call me dumb-ass but I never knew you could schedule posts to pop up when you want them to. Do you all know how many nights I stayed up a couple of extra hours just to post at 12:01 AM? Dozens of times! I could have been sleeping, getting rest. But no! I stayed up.

I remember Rick at Whitetail Woods mentioning it the scheduling function, but I never did figure out what he was talking about.

Well today I was just looking at the post editing page when I noticed there is a horizontal list near the top. It looks like this:

Your Posts: All, Drafts, Scheduled, Imported, Published

Hmmmm, I said to myself. I wonder where that came from...

So I clicked on each one to see what they could do and imagine that, I even found an old draft from months ago.

To schedule a post in Blogger is simple. (If you know how...) Obviously write your post. You would be surprised how many people forget that first crucial step. Now, click on the Post Options button on the bottom left hand corner of your editing window. Change the post date and time to the time and date you would like the post to publish on. Finally click the orange Publish Post button.

I've just tried it with a new Florida Felons post. At 2:14 PM a post should pop up!

This technology stuff is just great!

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Sigboy said...

Don't forget that it will post at 2:14 PST, that thru me for a loop for a little bit.

spotted face said...

Yeah, the times are off. And some say there are better times for posting - you'll get more views or whatever over search engines at certain times. Haven't figured that out yet.

flea said...

Oh Albert...if you would asked buddy!

I would never be able to survive without scheduled posts or go on vacation for that matter!

It was available in about a year ago before the normal good old

If you have never used it out, all the new services start off there.

Albert A Rasch said...

Well the post came up at 14:whatever eastern so that worked out!

Flea thanks for the intell!


me said...

Good info Albert.

I've tried it, but never clicked "publish." Now I know the process.


SimplyOutdoors said...

I don't use blogger, but you can schedule posts in Wordpress as well, and I use the function all the time.

Modern technology is great.

Anonymous said...

I am glad it worked for you Albert. You can even post what time zone you want to use.
I used to schedule but, for some reason it won't let me anymore. I'm still trying to figure out why it won't when I have been using that function for months.

Borepatch said...

I schedule more posts than I post directly. Not sure why.

GoGo said...

dumb-ass!! LOL


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