Thursday, July 29, 2010

Win a Safari for 2 with Africa Hunting.Com

I just recieved this from Jerome Philippe, outdoor blogger, outfitter, and Founder of


I wanted to let you know that we are currently giving away a FREE HUNT for 2 hunters in South Africa with Spiral Horn Safaris in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, two miles from the border of Botswana for 2011!

HUNT includes:
- 5 day hunt for two hunters, each hunting 1x1 with their own licensed PH
- 1x Blue Wildebeest
- 1x Gemsbok
- 1x Impala
- 1x Warthog
- Accommodations
- The full use of all facilities in the camp such as the swimming pool and satellite television
- A daily laundry service is also available at no extra cost
- Full catering: early morning coffee and rusks, brunch, snacks, dinner, all soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in moderation
- Hunting: a fully licensed Professional Hunter, trackers, skinners, all camp staff, transport to and from blinds, picking up of trophies, field preparation of any game taken and transportation of trophies to shipping company.

Please ask your readers to visit the "Free Hunt from Spiral Horns" thread on our forum.

Jerome Philippe


Thanks for this great opportunity for all of my readers!
The rules are pretty simple!

Post a picture
Hope yours gets chosen!

I wish I could enter, but as you all know, I can't download any pictures!

So everyone who has dreamed of an African hunt, go register, download a good picture, and who knows - you may be blogging about Africa soon!

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch and
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles


Hippo said...

I just could not get these links to Jerome to work so I tracked down Spiral Horn Safaris and entered into correspondence with Louis van Bergen directly.

He knows I tracked him down because of Raschman, the Kandahar Yo Yo King and tent salesman.

I like hunting but just don't have the time, or well stocked hunting territory so, noting that on the Spiral Horns Safari website, they said they can do custom tours, I got thinking...

And having thought, I sent him my idea of a custom safari. Wouldn't it be great if he could do it?

Dear Louis,

Thanks for the confirmation.

I still get a network error following the link to Jerome but, never mind, I never win competitions anyway.

All I am interested in is, say, a ten day introduction to hunting for an eleven year old. A mixture of classroom work and field experience, I would imagine it would include:

Introduction to firearms

Safe weapon handling

Range practice

Weapon cleaning and maintenance

Ethics and etiquette of hunting

Introduction to animal husbandry, conservation and wildlife protection

A kill or two (Guinea fowl, a springbok or similar, maybe a warthog)

Butchering and preparing the kill for cooking

Cooking lessons.

Fine dining

You could also think about including;

Basic First Aid

Introduction to Bush Skills/ Survival

Guidelines for setting up a camp location and camp hygeine

Introduction to tracking

Kids love all this stuff. Even at my age, it would be fun.

Taking the boy through hunting something, preparing it for the pot, then cooking and serving it. He will learn where food comes from, how to respect the source, and be safe.

This, I think, would represent a comprehensive course and memorable experience for a young man. And Dad's can come along too if they want!

Put a course like this together, especially if it runs during the school holidays and I could imagine, marketed properly, you would have a bunch of fathers paying for their sons to attend a sort of really enjoyable Summer Boot Camp turning out responsible future hunters and wildlife managers. There are just too many fathers who don't have the time or opportunity to do this with their sons (not all of us live amongst prime hunting territory) so if some quality time could be provided 'out of the box' they, as I, would leap at the opportunity. Think of it as something like the Army Cadets except that the lads get the chance to kill and eat something. What boy do you know who wouldn't leap at the chance?

In a few year's time I would expect to see you on TV. ESPN are bound to pick it up.

As I said, I can get my son and I to Jo'burg. After that it would be down to you and your organisation.

I would like an all inclusive price but be warned, I haven't had a decent beer in ages so stock well up on the Kilkenny and malt whisky!

When would be the best time of year to come down? I can't make it for at least a few months so there is no rush. I just like to plan well ahead.



Albert A Rasch said...


Once again your comments are worthy of their own post!

The idea is fantastic, and as well thought out as all your own posts are! (See the mighty Hippo's work:A Hippo On the Lawn: Bureaucracy)

With your permission, I will be using your comment as the basis for a post, with due credit of course!

Best regards,

Hippo said...

Feel free, I am sure with your experience you will add much to the idea

Hippo said...

Louis from Spiral Horns has come back to me, he says he thinks it a good idea but can only do it November to january as he is hunting the rest of the time. Alright for some, eh?

I had suggested that the boy and I spent our time there under canvas, Louis sent me photos of their accommodation so I might only spend a couple of night's under canvas just to give the boy an idea.

I told him you were about to post on hunting for youths and would be mentioning him so you had better get cracking!

Albert A Rasch said...

The mighty Hippo has spoken!

I am going to work on that diligently today for posting later this week! I have soem Yo-Yo related stuff to take care of and I will then I'll work on that youth and hunting. You are a font of wonderful ideas and stories Wise Hippo, thank you!


Hippo said...

You are far too gracious.

Now stop fiddling with your Yo Yo's and get on with it.

During those weekends when I manage to wrest Dominic from the clutches of my venomous ex wife, and conscious of the need to encourage him to read and improve his English, I make him digest selected posts of yours and SBW and let him scroll through the many pictures and captions thereof that Bambi Basher uploads so it would be nice if you have it ready by this weekend.

No pressure… ;-)

Hippo said...

By the way, Louis, when elaborating his all inclusive price stated:

Alcoholic beverages... within reason...

Have one of you b******s warned him about me?

Albert A Rasch said...

Certainly not, oh Wise Hippo!

Plugging away on the post...