Friday, July 10, 2009

A Eulogy for Shifty Powers

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Those of you that are World War Two historians, will know the name Shifty Powers. Irons in the Fire has posted a wonderful eulogy and remembrance of the "Best Damned Shot in Easy Company." To few real American Heroes are left, and Irons had the opportunity, nay the honor, of meeting one. Go read his post. A Eulogy for Shifty Powers

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native said...

Right up there along with Chesty Puller and Patton!

I am very honored to know and work with one of the land owners here where I am at Albert.
Howard Sandage is his name and he hit the shores of Normandy in the first wave at the ripe old age of 17 years.

None of you know ol' Howard, but if you look up some of the Native Hunt videos which are floating around on "You Tube" he would be the old feller drivin' a diesel flat bed with a chaw in his cheek, and cussing like a sailor at us youngun's saying:

Git that damned Hog killed cause he's a gonna' cut a F**&%# dog!! Git yer asses in gear you slow little snots!!

I love that old man and I am definitely going to cry at his funeral when he goes.