Sunday, July 5, 2009

Posts of Note: Cow Town Cop Bobs a Hammer

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One day I got something like 90 hits above the average number. Curious I looked it up on Analytics, and lo and behold, Cowtown Cop had linked to me and told his readers. Well it's about time I returned the favor.

CTC has a great layout and tutorial series on bobbing the hammer on a lightweight Smith and Wesson 327 in .357 Magnum. He wanted to adapt it to a better belly gun, you know, the kind of last ditch or undercover type of blaster that will get you out of a tight spot. The hammer spur had to go and the grips smoothed out for quick retrieval.

Check it out:

Photo Credit: CtC
Photo Credit: CtC
Photo Credit: CtC
Take a good look at CTC. This is great tutorial and it's in a great blog.

Tomorrow on the Chronicles!

Tomorrow we will be looking at several species of the Rat, members of the Genus rattus and Order rodenti. We will take look at the fascinating members of the Genus, some that you might not be familiar with but that you should be aware of!

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GoGo said...

Yo Albert,
I like that snub-nose .357Sweet! Those hammer-bobbed puppies can come in real handy in a crowded elevator or packed nightclub up here in NYC. Cowtown Cop rules!! Thanks!!


Albert A Rasch said...


Nice work eh? And eight shots of persuasion! It's on my list of mechanical parts to pick up...

Best to you!
Albert A