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Jason Miller is a Big Fat Idiot... Well He's Really Not Fat.

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Jason Miller is a Big Fat Idiot... Well He's Really Not Fat;
But he is Quite Possibly a Terrorist.

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Once again while digging for information I bumped into what seems to me to be a statement of terroristic reasoning and justification, as as bad any I have ever seen.

Jason Miller, erudite user of three dollar words and semi-colons, is the mouth piece for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. The NAALPO "was founded to communicate the actions, strategies, and philosophy of the animal liberation movement to the media and the public." Press Office Directive, In other words, he gets "anonymous" missives from terrorists, and puts them out for public consumption. Only in America, the land of freedom, can you pull that stunt off!

If any of you have ever questioned the motives of the animal rights movement you were right to do so. In Jason Miller's treatise, if you could call it that, "To dam the torrential rivers of blood and to silence the cacophony of their agonized cries…." (No links for terrorists.) Miller lays out the patented Jason Miller vision and plan of destruction, murder, and mayhem.

"Destruction of property, equipment, buildings, machinery, laboratories, and virtually any inanimate human construct or “resource” used in the exploitation, oppression, maiming, raping, or murder of human animals, other animals, or the Earth is not violence. It may be illegal under a system that fetishizes property and profits, but it is not unethical. In fact, in many cases it is the right thing to do."

As if destruction of personal property isn't enough, he goes on to advocate the following:

"...the animal liberation movement needs to embrace ‘counter-violence to protect innocent beings’ as one of many tactics in the war to end the animal holocaust. Attacks on incorrigible, empathy-deficient, sociopathic speciesist animal torturers and murderers by courageous underground militants are both necessary and morally acceptable aspects of the fight to liberate nonhuman animals. From an ethical standpoint, such acts would be readily justifiable as a form of extensional self-defense on behalf of voiceless, defenseless sentient beings."

"Courageous underground militants?" Isn't that an oxymoron?

"As ridiculously out-numbered as we are, and in light of the overwhelming power of our enemy, we need to confront this multi-headed hydra with as many tactics of asymmetrical engagement and with as much determination as we can muster, battling them within the framework of the inherently corrupt political and legal systems that are heavily stacked in the favor of anthropocentric murderers... and undertaking various forms of direct action on behalf of the billions of nonhuman animals immiserated and annihilated by speciesist capitalism every year."

That, is guerrilla warfare plain and simple.

Look, I don't know about you guys, but either this guy is delusional or a madman. At the very least he comes from wealthy parents, who probably catered to his every whim, thereby creating a guilt ridden sociopath, very much like Hitler.

I looked through several of his "posts," (I bet nobody plagiarizes that stuff!), and what I found was a complicated series of often times disjointed thought, all filled with complicated sentence structures, and devoid of simple, direct, logical expressions. It is as if he is trying to obfuscate what he is trying to say by filling it with big words, many of which don't even make sense. Miller's writing reminds me in many ways to other revolutionary tracts that are heavy on rhetoric, and light on reason.

Like any violent criminal, Jason Miller likes to disguise his affiliations or involvement with terroristic groups. Notice the disclaimer he uses:

"Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated, allied, aligned, or connected with the Transformative Studies Institute, the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Anthony Nocella II, or Richard Kahn. While I am a press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office and am an associate of Jerry Vlasak and Steve Best, I am penning this piece independently of NAALPO and all of my allies." The Best of Jason Miller

These are dangerous people. People with no compunctions to enslave others to do their bidding. The FBI is right in considering them the number one domestic threat.

By the way Jason, should you read this, if you decide to come around here and try to engage in dialogue, it just isn't going to happen for you. Folks like Brendan, Ms. Doris, and some others I allow. But a terrorist, never. I took an oath to Serve and Protect this Nation from all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. You fall into the category of Domestic Enemy. You advocate the murder of innocent people, animals if you will, thereby abrogating you claim that you stand for all animals. You, Jason Miller, are an anarchist bent on the destruction of social order, and the death of all animals, both human and non-human.

Albert A Rasch
Member: Hunting Sportsmen of the United States HSUS (Let 'em sue me.)
The Hunt Continues...


native said...

Not to be redundant, or to show my age by repeating myself too often concerning previous statements.

If I ever, ever, am faced with the situation where I catch Jason Miller or one of his accolades red handed, and doing what they do.

I will grab them by the hind leg, put my foot upon their neck and place a 44 mag. round right behind the ear.
A mercy killing would be what I consider it to be at best.

Their synapses are far too damaged from lack of the b-complex vitamins, for any repair of shrunken nerve endings to ever grow back, or re-rout themselves.

Nuff' Said!

RKL said...

In my opinion that guy is a lunatic but I agree with you that he is dangerous. Just look at the PETA lunatics, they get some celebrity dupe to shoot a commercial for them and some people just assume they are an organization worth supporting. These idiots break down the freedoms for the rest of us.


hodgeman said...

Simply WOW is all I can say.

Wonder if this guy ever flies commercially? I'm betting he gets "special treatment" every time he boards.

At least I hope so.

Michael Spinelli said...

Your kidding me.

Man beleive in freedom and respect for others opinions, but this is too much. What have we created?

And how do we stop it?

Mike S

SimplyOutdoors said...

I always hate to compare things to Hitler, because I think the holocaust is something that we will never see again in our time, but I do have to agree with you, the way he writes, and the things he says definitely parallel some of the rantings of Hitler.

This guy is a definite head case, and it just goes to show what kind of people these extreme animal rights lunies are.

Warwak said...

Choke on a chicken-bone and die mother-fucker

Anonymous said...

Hunting only those who can't shoot back has made you weak. You know one day we're coming for you guys.